Health and safety guidelines for Primary Election in El Paso County

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EL PASO COUNTY — The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has established health and safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of voters and election staff during the Primary Election.

The guidelines will be in place at Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPC) but voters are encouraged to only visit a VSPC if necessary. They may use online services at until June 22 and receive their ballot by mail.

After June 22 you must come in-person to a VSPC.

“We are committed to enfranchising voters in our cherished democratic process while providing systems to safeguard their well-being and that of our staff during this pandemic period,” said Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman. “We ask voters to be aware of recommended safety precautions when they visit a VSPC and if possible use online services as an alternative.”

Some of the measures implemented at the VSPCs are:

  • Face masks worn by all staff.
  • With respect for the safety of Election Judges, staff members, and other voters, the Clerk’s Office encourages voters to wear a mask and abide by social distancing while visiting a VSPC.
  • A health screening check of staff before entering the VSPC.
  • Voters are asked not to enter a VSPC if they have a temperature or COVID symptoms. 
  • Plexiglass barriers at staff stations.
  • Physical distancing personal – staff and voters will maintain.
  • Physical distancing layout – voting areas and equipment positioned to allow for recommended distancing.
  • Number of voters in the VSPC monitored to conform with recommended guidelines.
  • Sanitizing workspaces, equipment, voting areas, supplies will be done by staff throughout the day.

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office also strongly recommends voters to return their ballot at one of the 35 ballot drop-off locations. 

With 35 ballot drop-off locations within 15 minutes of 98.94% of voters, all with secure 24/7 access and six that are drive-up, returning a ballot couldn’t be easier.

“We are fortunate in Colorado to vote by mail ballot where voters receive their ballot in advance of Election Day and have time to learn about candidates and make an informed decision,” said Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman. “By returning their ballot early voters help our office get results out more quickly. On Election night the first release of results shortly after 7 p.m. is highly anticipated and the more ballots processed by that time give a better indication of how the races are faring.”

Interactive maps are available on or click here to show locations for the ballot drop-off boxes and Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPC). Voters can type in their address and search for the nearest to them.

All voted ballots must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, June 30, to be counted. Postmarked ballots received after the deadline cannot be counted. It is recommended that ballots not be returned by USPS after June 22.

Unaffiliated voters are reminded to vote and return only one ballot. If both a Democratic and Republican ballot is voted and returned neither will count. The ballot not voted should be discarded.

There will be five VSPCs operating beginning June 22 and two more open June 29 and 30.

For more information about the election, including sample Primary Election ballots, voters should visit or call (719) 575-VOTE (8683).

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