Growing demand for plants and gardening continues

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Gardening centers and plant shops continue to bloom in sales and business owners said their popularity has drastically increased because of the pandemic.

“Last year, was one of the best years ever on record to the point we had lines out the back of the building every day for months,” Phelan Gardens Manager Andrew Cronk said.

Phelan Gardens has been a Colorado Springs staple for decades. They first opened in 1981 and told FOX21 News, 2020 was their biggest year in sales and at one point went from making $8,000 in daily sales to $20,000.

Employees said the plant craze sparked by the pandemic which drew in fans from all walks of life.

“I’m seeing little kids, who want carnivorous plants and they want to take care of their little Venus Fly Traps,” Devan Raemasch said.

On Friday, dozens of people flocked Phelan Gardens to get their gardening fix, with many saying it helps them in more ways than one.

“When the pandemic kicked off, I need something to do with my free time,” said Vick, a Phelan Garden customer.

There’s a reason for that, Cronk said planting can help your mental health.

“There’s have been studies that they show it prevents depression, and plants give you something to do,” Cronk added.

Shipments have also more than doubled to keep up with demand and there’s no sight of it slowing down.

“This plant craze has hooked people, you grow one plant, kill it twice, but you want to grow more, it’s infectious,” Cronk explained.

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