GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS – Town officials for Green Mountain Falls voted during a special board meeting on Tuesday to keep local trails within the town open for the public.

The Mayor of Green Mountain Falls, Jane Newberry released this statement to FOX21 about the issue:

“I’m really hopeful that a trails ambassador program can help with some of the challenges we’ve had. We love our trails and we also love our neighborhood. Ideally the visitors to our town and trails will enjoy both and follow the hikers motto of “leave no trace.”

Jane Newberry, Mayor, Green Mountain Falls

Neighbors who live on the road that leads up to the trailhead of the trails were both excited the trails were staying open while others were indifferent about it.

“Now we have hundreds, possibly thousands of people coming into our town,” Pamela Giraud, a resident of Green Mountain Falls said.

According to officials, the original conversation about the trails came up because of concerns due to the coronavirus; but as the conversation continued neighbors talked about other complaints they have.

“We don’t have parking or public toilets. They don’t pick up their dog poop. People park in people’s driveways when there are signs that say not too,” Giraud said.

Local hiking expert, Bob Falcone, who goes by “Hiking Bob” stated that it’s good the trails have stayed open.

“The city owns the trails that lead to the national forest and to pikes peak,” Hiking Bob said.

Hiking Bob, along with residents in the community agreed that they just want hikers to have respect for the neighborhood.

“If you want these trails to stay open and then you should be a good neighbor and be a good visitor,” Hiking Bob said.