Gov. Polis promotes Colorado Comeback fueled by vaccinations and small business

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Governor Jared Polis toured Colorado Springs to highlight the ingredients he sees as crucial to the Colorado Comeback from the pandemic—small businesses and the vaccine.

His tour started where many found indirect salvation during the pandemic-The U.S Post Office in Colorado Springs.

There, 100 workers were vaccinated on the job and on the clock, a test for a program that Polis is considering implementing in the state where vaccination clinics take place at people’s work.

“The folks that haven’t gotten it yet are folks who don’t want to have to reload webpages or look online, but if it’s at their workplace, they’re on the clock, they can drive through someplace,” Gov. Polis said. “We’re just trying to make it as easy as possible.”

The urgency of needing to vaccinate more Coloradans is starting to be felt as well. As cases rise in Colorado, hospitalizations are as well though Polis notes, not among populations that have large proportions of the population immunized.

“For the first time in the pandemic, in this last month, even though there has been a rise in cases, there are hardly any 70 and 80-year-olds in the hospital because they’re almost all vaccinated,” Gov. Polis said. “Now, we are seeing an increase in 20-somethings 30-somethings, 40-somethings. That’s where the increase in hospitalizations is coming because they’re only 30-40 percent vaccinated right now.”

Vaccine is half of the fuel needed for Colorado’s Comeback in Polis’ mind, with the other half being small businesses because “small businesses are powering the Colorado Comeback. They’re out backbone.”

In Colorado Springs, the recovery could mean revitalization of the eastern end of Downtown with the help of new construction projects as well as its newest business: Mash Mechanix Brewing Company.

“Before there were a lot of abandoned buildings, this building was abandoned for 10 years before we took it over, so just trying to bring life to this end of town,” Co-founder of Mash Mechanix Leif Anderson said.

Located just west of where Pikes Peak Ave. and Colorado Ave. converge, the sounds of a major development across the street echoes of the Brewing Co.’s front door.

The store was supposed to open in May of last year, but was delayed until March 6, 2021.

“You got to keep a positive attitude about it so, we took that opportunity to make sure we had everything in order and everything is done properly,” said Anderson.

Anderson said he’s very positive for his expectations of this summer.

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