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COLORADO SPRINGS — Leading up to the 2021 General Municipal Election, FOX21 is taking a look at the candidates running for each City Council district seat.

City Council consists of nine members: one member from each of the six council districts and three at-large members. Each council member serves a four-year term. They are limited to two consecutive terms.

The six City Council District seats are the only races on the ballot April 6. The three at-large members, Bill Murray, Tom Strand, and Wayne Williams, were elected in 2019.

Two candidates are on the ballot for District 4, which represents southeastern Colorado Springs: Incumbent City Councilwoman Yolanda Avila and her competitor, Regina English.

Yolanda Avila

Yolanda Avila is the current councilwoman for District 4 and was first elected in 2017. Avila is a mother of two, a former Colorado College graduate, and has a background in Criminal Defense investigating.

“I am running to continue the work that I have started so far,” Avila told FOX21.

“I’m going to continue the infrastructure, getting our fair share of infrastructure going on in transit. But, I’m going to now, even though I have started it, work on economic development and look at those retails spaces and a hub, a hub for our community to gather,” she said.

Avila also wants to focus on bringing light to the darkness of her district.

“The southeast has 1/3 of the fatalities and a lot of that could be due to lighting and traffic design and so we really need to work on that to keep our community safe. I’m excited. I look forward to serving another four years,” she said.

Regina English

Challenging the incumbent is Regina English. English is a mother of five and the Vice President of the Board of Education for Harrison School District 2.

“I’m running for City Council to go to that next level of leadership and take those skills and expertise that I have from the school board and apply them to the city,” said English.

On the top of her list – affordable housing.

“We want more affordable housing so we can stay in our community that we love that we raise our families in and we want it to be economical and affordable for those families that are there,” said English.

English’s other main issues are getting the homeless community off the streets, empowering small businesses in the southeast district, and building a relationship between the schools and the city.

2021 General Municipal Election

Here’s a look at who’s running for each of the six open seats:

District 1: Jim Mason, Michael Seeger, Glenn Carlson, Dave Donelson

District 2: Jay Inman, David Noblitt, Dave Geislinger, Randy Helms

District 3: Henry McCall, Richard Skorman, Arthur Glynn, Olivia Lupia

District 4: Regina English, Yolanda L. Avila

District 5: Nancy Henjum, Matt Zelenok, Karlie Van Arnam, Justin James-Fletcher Hermes, Mary Elizabeth Fabian

District 6: Garfield Johnson, Mike O’Malley

Stay with FOX21 News as we track the 2021 Municipal Election and follow campaigns across Colorado Springs.

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