Gannon’s mom, neighbors talk about the toll as time passes

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — An 11-year-old has now been missing from El Paso County for 25 days.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said crews looking in a rural area of Douglas County for Gannon Stauch have stopped searching that area.

Neighbors are still on high alert especially those who have kids. The metro crime lab was in front of Gannon’s home again Friday which shows crews may have stopped searching for the missing boy but have not stopped their investigative efforts.

FOX21’s camera captured the crime lab back at the missing 11-year-olds home.

Another day with no more searches and no more answers.

“This is hard it’s getting extremely hard, and I just need him, send my baby home,” said Landen Hoit, Gannon’s mom. “Not knowing if he’s ok if he’s cold if he doesn’t have food that’s a mom’s role and I can’t to him and you kind of feel like a failure when you can’t.”

Nearly 4 weeks have gone by since Gannon went missing without a trace. Since searchers have gone from the side of Highway 105 a blue bow takes their place.

“Having three kids of my own I can only imagine what the parents are feeling right now, it’s quite sad,” said Tiffany Brokaw who lives on the same street. “It makes me wonder what went on in the house if something went on there first.”

The sight of the crime lab, leaves neighbors questioning what happened and wondering about their families.

“I’m taking more of a cautionary measure than I would have if that didn’t happen, my kids are in the front room, they can see outside and you don’t know who’s watching. I can only imagine,” Brokaw said. “Because you don’t know what happened, you don’t if he was taken if it was somebody in the neighborhood. You don’t know the people around you honestly, just kind of, scary.”

Brokaw said the usually lively neighborhood is now quieter. Gannon’s mom hoping her son’s case won’t do the same.

“Gannon wouldn’t give up, you know? He didn’t give up,” said Hoit. “Please don’t let this go away, please keep sharing.”

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