From trash to treasure: A local vintage piece unlocked

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COLORADO SPRINGS– Annette and Jody, a Colorado Springs couple, received a unique vintage piece from a local move-out and took to the internet to find out what it is and what’s inside.

Knowing nothing about the piece, Jody posted on a local Facebook group to see if anyone knew how to unlock it.

FOX21 reached out and connected them with Jug & Basin Antiques in Colorado Springs, where owner Joe took a crack at opening the lock.

Three hundred keys later and still no luck on opening the piece, but the couple did leave with some new insight into the history of the piece.

Joe said he thinks the mahogany piece is the top of an étagère (a piece of furniture with a number of open shelves) that was once used in a living room or foyer. He said the bottom is missing.

A local appraiser told FOX21 that the piece might be either French or Italian, and might be valuable if they can locate the bottom half.

Annette and Jody continued their journey to discover what exactly was inside, so they took it to Henley’s Key Service.

Unfortunately, the big reveal came up empty, but Jody and Annette didn’t leave empty-handed. They were able to get the key fixed for the piece, so it locks and unlocks and plan to use it for storage in the near future.

After the big reveal, Jody offered some final words, “Whenever you’re offered free furniture, pick it up. You never know what’s going to be buried in the cushions or buried behind a door.”

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