From play to prep: Colorado Springs braces for round two of snow

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs is bracing for another round of snow.

As record-breaking temperatures filled the air on Tuesday, people are preparing for more freezing roads.

Local stores are running low on supplies as people are rushing to the stores to get ready.

“We’re out of big bags of the salt for sidewalks… getting low on snow shovels,” said Dawne Barker, Manager of Big R Store.

As people were out scraping sidewalks and brushing off cars, most locals felt prepared.

“I just have an ice scraper, and de-icer and stuff like that,” said Hailey Glass, who lives in Colorado Springs.

“It’s a good idea to have a full tank of gas, blankets, and gloves, and some food, have everything in your car in case you get stuck someplace,” said Barker.

For a list of closures and delays, click here.

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