Preparing for week two of the Patrick Frazee murder trial

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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Testimony is expected to move forward Tuesday, in the murder trial of Patrick Frazee at the Teller County Courthouse in Cripple Creek.

Frazee is accused of killing Kelsey Berreth, his fiance and the mother of his young daughter, last Thanksgiving. He’s also accused of asking Krystal Lee Kenney*, a nurse from Idaho, to help him kill Berreth.
*In court last week, Kenney noted she now uses the name “Krystal Lee,” however FOX21 News will refer to her as “Krystal Lee Kenney” or “Kenney”, for consistency.

Kenney, Frazee’s ex-girlfriend, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and agreed to testify against him, as part of a plea deal. She faces up to 3 years in prison.

Kenney says Frazee blindfolded Berreth, asking her to smell candles he’d brought over, but instead beat her to death with a baseball bat. Kenney says he called her to clean up the “mess”.

Over the past week, a slew of witnesses took the stand, most notably Berreth’s mother and older brother, Frazee’s brother, Kenney, cadaver dog handlers, Special Agents with the FBI, and Frazee’s long-time friend.

The jury watched clips of surveillance video that showed Berreth and her daughter walking into the Safeway Grocery Store in Woodland Park on November 22. It’s the last known video that shows Berreth alive.

The jury has also seen cell phone records depicting the path Kelsey Berreth’s phone traveled in the days surrounding her disappearance.

Kenney said she traveled from Idaho to clean up Berreth’s apartment for Frazee, noting she wanted to help him because he was “a good father”. She testified spending hours cleaning blood from Berreth’s condo, filling six trash bags with bloody rags, and other blood-soaked items.

Krystal Lee Kenney

When the prosecutor asked why she didn’t tell anyone about what happened, Kenney said, “I didn’t want anyone else involved. I knew that I was in a lot of trouble and I didn’t want anyone else in trouble.” 

Jurors were also shown surveillance videos from a gas station in Florissant where Kenney and Frazee met up, prior to allegedly burning Kelsey Berreth’s body. This particular video showed Frazee filling up a gas can on November 24, which matches what Kenney’s earlier testimony.

Two cadaver dog handlers said their dogs made positive hits of decomposing human scent, which could include blood – one at Nash Ranch in Westcliffe, again near one of Berreth’s vehicles outside her Woodland Park home, and once more in her bathroom.

Two teenagers who worked for Frazee said he told them to put wooden pallets in an old trough, then after Thanksgiving, asked them to take the burned remnants inside the trough to a dump.

FBI agents on the stand said a search of Frazee’s home revealed three baseball bats. They also said they found a wooden club in his truck and described finding a large burned area on his property. After sifting through the burned area, they came up with a bone fragment they say could be part of a tooth.

Frazee’s long-time friend, Joe Moore, said that before Berreth went missing Frazee told him that “he had found a way to kill her… no body, no crime.”

Moore also said Frazee told him, “if I had known investigators and the media would be making such a big deal about this… I would have never…”

He said Frazee never finished that thought.

Court will resume Tuesday with Frazee’s long-time Friend Joe Moore returning to the stand.

The trial is expected to last at least two more weeks. The judge is not allowing any cameras in the courtroom or live reporting during the day.

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