Frazee Trial: Text messages show Kelsey Berreth trying to repair relationship

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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Testimony continued Thursday in the Patrick Frazee trial at the Teller County Courthouse in Cripple Creek. Text messages between Frazee and Berreth were shown.

Frazee is accused of killing Kelsey Berreth, his fiance and the mother of his child, last Thanksgiving.

Frazee is also accused of asking his ex-girlfriend, Krystal Kenney, a nurse from Idaho, to help him kill Berreth.

If convicted, Frazee faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The judge said Wednesday that things are moving quicker than expected and closing statements could be given as soon as Friday.

Patrick Frazee Woodland Park Police Department

Caitlyn Rogers, a DNA expert took the stand Thursday and said that there was no human DNA in the hay sample where Berreth’s body was allegedly stored in a plastic storage tote on top of the haystack at Nash Ranch in Westcliff.

Many items of Frazee’s and Berreth’s home were swabbed for DNA.

There was no DNA found on Frazee’s baseball cap, car seat, coffee table, fireplace, wooden bats at Frazee’s home, door mat, blanket and six pairs of pants.

Investigators also took samples from Berreth’s home of areas where Kenney said she touched, but the expert said DNA wasn’t found on the downstairs closet handle where she allegedly got cleaning supplies. The expert said if Kenney wore gloves which she said she did then the expert isn’t surprised there was no DNA from Kenney.

Rogers said the blood on the fireplace in Berreth’s home was a strong likelihood that it matched Berreth but the source was too small so it was impartial. The baby gate had Berreth’s DNA on it as well as swabs of the front of the couch and under the couch.

Michael Hecht with CBI took the stand next. He said he looked for itineraries or a suicide note on December 5 where Berreth worked at Doss Aviation in Pueblo. Hecht said there was no evidence at Berreth’s workplace indicating where she went. He described to jurors what her workplace looked like saying there was a bible verse and a picture of her baby on her desk.

Mary Longmire with the Teller County Department of Human Services (DHS) testified next. She stepped in as the caseworker for Berreth’s baby. Longmire met with Frazee on December 26, 2018, six days after he was taken into custody on charges of first-degree murder, solicitation to commit first-degree murder, and tampering with a deceased human body.

During the conversation, Frazee told Longmire that he and Berreth broke up on Nov. 21, 2018, the day before Berreth was last seen alive.

Longmire said Frazee told her that Berreth and he had agreed to co-parent and how they shared custody. She added that he mentioned that he and Berreth had been separated since the baby was born. Allegedly Frazee said to Longmire that he was the sole breadwinner, that Berreth wanted to go separate ways and didn’t want to smooth things out between the two.

“Mr. Frazee would watch his daughter while Kelsey was at work, and Kelsey would come get his daughter when she got off of work,” Longmire said. 

Longmire told jurors what Frazee had talked to her about in regards to their relationship history. Frazee had told Longmire how Berreth exchanged the 1-year-old baby with him on Thanksgiving day. He allegedly told Longmire that Berreth wanted him to keep the baby for the weekend. Frazee had told Longmire that he had spoken to Berreth Friday but according to phone records that wasn’t true. Longmire said Frazee told her that when he tried calling her Sunday, the call went to voicemail.

After Frazee was arrested Longmire interviewed possible guardians for the baby.

Special Agent Gregg Slater was called to the stand again. He was asked questions in regards to Kenney’s testimony and was asked where the case would be if she didn’t talk.

“I honestly don’t know, prior to sitting down with Krystal Kenney we didn’t know where Berreth was, we knew an event took place in her bathroom or house,” Slater said. “We also knew that Berreth hadn’t been seen since November 22.”

Slater said they had information at the time prior because of the cadaver dogs but after speaking with Kenney they knew more.

“We didn’t know anything other than Berreth was missing, her belongings were missing, her behavior was uncharacteristic of her normal life pattern,” Slater said.

Slater said Kenney didn’t hesitate on where the burn site was, “it became painfully obvious there was discoloration.”

Slater added that if it weren’t for Kenney they wouldn’t have been able to collect the evidence on the baby gate, couch, or fireplace.

Slater told the jurors that he looked at Frazee’s cell phone and Berreth’s Ipad for information regarding their text messages back and forth. He testified that Frazee had infrequent responses, Berreth would send messages about their relationship status, frustrations, and concerns dating back to April 2018.

Slater described text messages that read: “the promise to come down here and establish a life and family if it’s not going to be, tell me now.” Another text was about how Frazee never said anything about wanting to establish a family.

Jurors also heard about Facebook records of Berreth’s. The last time she posted anything was October 20, 2018. A lot of pictures of the baby were posted and also sent to Frazee. Berreth also sent Frazee postings about properties to check out but he wouldn’t respond.

Slater spoke about text message exchanges from Berreth’s phone, Frazee’s and Kenney’s phone. On Nov. 25, three days after Berreth was last publically seen her phone sent a message to Frazee asking if he still loved her, Frazee replied in part saying yes. There were no texts from Frazee to Berreth’s phone from Nov. 26- Dec. 4. Frazee’s phone was confiscated by police on Dec. 4.

Kevin Clark took the stand next. He is assigned to strategic information center in Colorado Springs and the crimes analysis unit. He became involved in the case on December 17, 2018.

Clark created a timeline of communications between Frazee, Berreth and Kenney from Nov. 26 – Dec. 4. Jurors heard Clark talk about phone records of Berreth, and Frazee for Nov. 22 and Nov. 23.

Investigators believe a text message from Berreth’s phone to Frazee was, in fact, Frazee making the text on the morning of Nov. 23 that said, “call me when you guys are awake.” A little bit later another text that said, “I’m going to go running call when I get home.”

Prosecutors are trying to show that Frazee didn’t really show much interest in finding Berreth.

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