Frazee Trial: Witness testified Frazee mentioning Berreth ‘is never coming back’

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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — The Patrick Frazee murder trial continued Tuesday morning, after a day off in observance of Veteran’s Day Monday.

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Patrick Frazee is on trial for the November 2018 murder of his fiance, Kelsey Berreth, in Teller County.

Frazee is on trial for the disappearance and presumed murder of Kelsey Berreth, his fiancee and the mother of his young daughter. Frazee is also accused of asking Krystal Kenney*, his mistress, to kill Berreth on at least three separate occasions.
*In court last week, Kenney noted she now uses the name “Krystal Lee,” however FOX21 News will refer to her as “Krystal Lee Kenney” or “Kenney”, for consistency.

Last week Kenney took the stand to testify against Frazee. Her testimony and a guilty plea to tampering with evidence are the result of a plea deal she struck with prosectors.

On Tuesday, several people connected to Kenney were called as witnesses.

Delynn Bird was first on the stand, she said she’s known Kenney for eight or nine years. The two worked together in the recovery room of an Idaho hospital.

Bird said the two didn’t socialize outside of work very often, but that she caught wind of Frazee due to the coverage of Berreth’s disappearance last year.

Bird said in December of last year, other coworkers told her Kenney may have been involved in Berreth’s disappearance, prompting her to confront Kenney over the rumors.

Bird testified Tuesday that Kenney apologized, saying she “did what she had to do” to keep herself safe.

Allison Wright was questioned next. Wright also worked at the hospital with Kenney but, she said, on opposite shifts. Still, Wright said she covered a shift for Kenney on November 24, 2018 after Kenney said she had to go to Colorado.

Wright said she didn’t see Kenney again until the day after Christmas. She said she noticed Kenney, who she described as typically happy and talkative, was acting sad and quiet that day. Wright said Kenney explained she’d “gotten herself in a bad situation.”

Wright said Kenney specifed then that she’d “gotten mixed up” in the case of the “missing mom in Colorado”. She told Wright she feared for her safety.

Special Agent Rodney Draper with the FBI was called to the stand next. Draper said he assisted in searching Kenney’s home and cell phone. He said Kenney had a new phone and that her ex-husband told him she’d lost her other one.

Draper also took the gun from Garrison’s car into evidence.

Next, Megan Garrison took the stand. Also from Idaho, Garrison said her ex-husband worked with Kenney’s ex-husband and that, over time, the two women had grown close.

Garrison said she’d asked to borrow Kenney’s truck on November 23, 2018, needing the extra room to help with a move. Garrison said she gave Kenney her Volkswagon Passat in exchange, knowing Kenney would be driving it to Colorado.

After the vehicles were returned to their respective owners, Garrison said Kenney warned her the FBI may contact her and want to look at the car. Garrison later inspected a gun she keeps in her Passat and found a round inside, though she said she never loads the weapon.

Tuesday in court it was noted there is no evidence the gun had been used.


Officer Josh Hayes was called to the stand after court took a brief morning break. He works with the Twin Falls Department in Idaho. He said the FBI contacted him in mid-December of last year, asking for his help in obtaining a search warrant for Kenney’s home.

Hayes says was able to get that warrant and a search was conducted a few days later.

He says the FBI instructed him to look for a burn pile they thought would contain a purse, documents, and a cell phone. They also asked him to look for a bat.

Hayes said his search actually revealed two burn pits. In one, he discovered an electronic piece, one which may have belonged to a cell phone, plus reflecting glass.

The other burn pit contained remnants of tree limbs and documents. Hayes said the documents were in such poor condition, they were impossible to examine.

Tracy Bramwell, also with the Twin Falls Idaho Police Department, was on the stand for a brief time. She took a buccal swab of Krystal Kenney, to collect DNA.

CBI Analyst Taynya Atkinson followed Slagle on the stand. Atkinson said she responded to Berreth’s home after a report of blood in the bathroom was made. She said a presumptive test came back positive, but noted further testing must be done in a lab because false positives are possible.

Atkinson said, in a later search, she discovered blood on a baby gate, specks of blood near the fireplace, blood in the living room, near an electrical outlet, and blood on the couch.

She said they pulled up the hardwood floor because they didn’t see any blood on the ground and found it, instead, beneath the wooden planks.

The next person to take the stand was Margaret ‘Laurie’ Luce from Park County and had Frazee take care of her horses for more than 5 years. She said he would trim horses every two months.

Prosecutors asked her if her feelings towards Frazee changed and she said no. Luce said she met Krystal Kenney but not Kelsey Berreth.

According to Luce, Frazee told her that he didn’t know about his daughter until Berreth had the baby. She went on to say that Frazee mentioned his daughter’s mother (Berreth) said she didn’t want to be a mother and told him to take care of the baby.

Luce mentioned that Frazee had talked about scenerios for what happened to Berreth. He allegedly told her that Berreth had a lot of pilot friends and could have taken off with them. She also said Frazee told her that Berreth worked in Pueblo and may have been involved in something bad there.

When Luce told Frazee that “maybe she’s coming back,” Frazee responded with “oh she’s never coming back.”

Luce said Frazee had made an indication to her that he just wanted “her (Berreth) gone.”

Jerry Means is a fire investigator and was told about the case on December 21. He was questioned about plastic burning specifically a black storage tote.

Means testified that it was obvious a black plastic material was burned in the ground at Frazee’s property.

Prosecutors asked Means about the burning of a human body, what body parts burn quicker, sounds of the fire and what the flames look like during the process. He compared burned antlers to burned bones.

He said the oily substance found on Frazee’s property was consistent to oils produced from a burning body. He also learned later on in the investigation that motor oil was also used in the fire. Means added gasoline won’t leave a stain, it would dissipate and evaporate.

Next, Robert Stanley Slagle, a friend of Patrick Frazee’s, was called to the stand. Slagle said he and Frazee have been friends for more than a decade.

Slagle talked about a package that had been left on Kelsey Berreth’s doorstep in the days surrounding her disappearance. Slagle told the court Frazee asked him to pick it up.

Surveillance video from a camera at Berreth’s neighbor’s house does show Slagle picking up the package. Slagle says he knew the camera was there, but doesn’t know if Frazee knew.

He said after Berreth was reported missing and Frazee had met with a lawyer, he and Frazee went to ENT and Safeway. He also said he helped Frazee review his “timeline” of Thanksgiving Day activities several times.

Kayla Doherty answered questions next. She lives in High Chateu and used to date Frazee in Spring of 2016 but it only lasted no more than eight weeks. She said it was more of a sexual relationship.

Doherty said Frazee also helped her with horses. They stopped communication after Spring of 2016 but would text occasionally about horses.

Doherty said Frazee mentioned to her the vastness of Teller County where someones’ body could go missing.

Savannah Greasby also hired Frazee to care for her horses and did for nine years. She lives in Florissant.

Greasby texted Frazee on Thankingsing day of 2018. When she asked him how his day was he replied, “long but life is about to slow down.”

Greasby had asked before Thanksgiving for horse trimming. In December, Frazee reaches out to Greasby and said, “life has taken awkward turns, I will call you when life settles.”

Greasby said Frazee had mentioned the baby’s mother was in rehab and bipolar but never met Berreth. Frazee allegedly told her that he was looking to get full custody.

Catherine Donahue from Pueblo County took the stand next. She hired Frazee as her horse Ferrier in 2016 and he would come to her house every eight weeks to work. During their first meeting she asked him about his relationship and said if she was younger they would’ve dated.

Donahue said Frazee would always have the baby with him and told her that he had primary custody. She also added that Frazee never had anything good to say about Berreth.

Donahue noticed the baby had no signs of abuse and Frazee mentioned to her Berreth had gone to rehab in August.

The judge is not allowing any cameras in the courtroom or live reporting during the day.

This story will be updated throughout the day, stay with FOX21 News for the latest.

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