Frazee Trial: Jail inmate releases letters from Frazee soliciting murder of witnesses

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Patrick Frazee’s trial is being held in this Teller County Courthouse. / Lauren Scharf, FOX21 News

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Friday morning was difficult for the family of Kelsey Berreth.

Kelsey Berreth

They were sitting in a Teller County courtroom, feet away from Patrick Frazee, who’s accused of murdering Berreth. Frazee and Berreth were engaged and had a child together.

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Patrick Frazee is on trial for the November 2018 murder of his fiance, Kelsey Berreth, in Teller County.

Darell Berreth, Kelsey’s father, has been in court for every day of testimony, listening closely to each witness, sometimes breaking down.

On Friday, Jonathan Priest, a blood stain pattern expert, took the stand.

The court watched a video of Krystal Lee Kenney, Frazee’s mistress, walking through Berreth’s home with investigators, explaining the many places where she found blood. In earlier testimony, Kenney told jurors she spent hours cleaning it up.

Priest said, based on his experience, the locations in which blood was found and the patterns in which the spatter landed, indicate it came from injuries caused by excessive force.

District Attorney Dan May asked Priest if a bat could have caused those injuries. Priest agreed they could.

May also held a piece of a dented floorboard, which had been collected from Berreth’s home. He asked Priest if the indentations could have been made by a bat. Priest said they could.

Both Berreth’s father and several members of the prosecution became emotional during this exchange.

May paused, and asked Berreth’s dad if he was okay, before pressing forward.

Priest testified that, given the amount of blood in the home, he thinks Berreth had to have been hit between 10 and 15 times.

A jail inmate* from Fremont County took the stand next. Frazee and this inmate were housed next to each other from September 26 to October 12. This inmate did not receive a plea agreement for his testimony.

*FOX21 News is not releasing the man’s name by request of the District Attorney.

The inmate said he and Frazee got to know each other. They realized they shared a love of rodeo and even that they knew some of the same people.

The inmate said, at one point, Frazee said he would help him get bond – if he would help him murder witnesses connect to the Berreth case. The inmate explained that Frazee specifically asked him to murder Krystal Lee Kenney.

The inmate said he and Frazee communicated by passing each other notes handwritten on paper towels, and said he kept all 17 of them.

The inmate said Frazee instructed him on where to carry out those “hits”, gave him descriptions of the targets, and even their phone numbers. The inmate said Frazee named Kenney, Michelle Stein (a friend of Kenney’s), Kenney’s family, Joe Moore (Frazee’s longtime friend), Moore’s partner, and investigator Greg Slater.

Investigator Greg Slater testified again and said that he reviewed the letters. The letters were shown on a projector for the jury and read aloud.

One letter read in part: “Joe (Frazee’s Friend) had all kinds of [expletive] to sell. Wendy Clark is a cash cow,” noting he wanted them to disappear. He also wrote: “[Cheryl Berreth] she’ll [expletive] me if and how she can.”

One letter described Kenney and where to find her. “Someone who tells FBI she came three times to kill [Berreth] because I said so is BS… 1,000 miles away on your dime, leaving family, job etc.”

Another note said: “I know all kinds of rich ranchers in beef. I’d really like Krystal with a bullet in her head, [expletive] on her and [expletive] on her face.”

Still another letter talked about how Frazee thought the District Attorney had scripted the information Kenney had provided.

And another letter took a more desperate tone, reading: “Please help me… my life and little girl’s name depends on it.”

Frazee also wrote asking: “Do you have funds or resources to go to Idaho and back? Was thinking if you could cap them in the desert and head home Krystal Lee and Michelle the BFF?”

Frazee asked the inmate to flush the letters down the toilet.

But he kept them, explaining he thought if this case made Frazee famous, he could sell them on Ebay.

The jury took a lunch break and when they came back Friday afternoon, the state rested its case.

Frazee decided not to testify and the defense rested around 1:15 p.m. without bringing any witnesses to the stand.

Closing arguments are set to take place Monday.

The jury is expected to start deliberating Monday and could decide on a verdict for Frazee that day.

The judge decided that the jury could find Frazee guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter if they can’t agree on the first-degree murder charge.

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