CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Testimony moves forward Wednesday, in the murder trial of Patrick Frazee at the Teller County Courthouse in Cripple Creek.

Frazee is accused of killing his fiance, Kelsey Berreth, last Thanksgiving. He’s also accused of asking Krystal Lee Kenney*, a nurse from Idaho, to help him kill Berreth.
*In court Wednesday, Kenney noted that she now uses the name “Krystal Lee,” however FOX21 News will refer to her as “Krystal Lee Kenney” or “Kenney”, for consistency.

Kenney took the stand late Wednesday morning, having agreed, as part of a plea deal, to testify against her ex-boyfriend. For the first time, Kenney talked about discovering she was pregnant with Frazee’s child – a pregnancy she aborted when Frazee didn’t share her enthusiasm over the news.

Over the past few days, a slew of witnesses have taken the stand, including Berreth’s mother and older brother, both struggled to testify as emotions ran high.

Frazee’s older brother, a Colorado Springs Police Officer, has also testified.

On Tuesday, investigators cited footage from various surveillance cameras in several locations around Woodland Park, to piece together a timeline of Frazee’s whereabouts on November 22, 2018, the day Berreth disappeared.

Wednesday’s testimony began with a closer look at the phone records of Berreth, Frazee, and Kenney.

Special Agent Kevin Hoyland was first to take the stand Wednesday morning. Hoyland has been with the FBI since 2012, and has been a member of the Cellular Analysis Survey team since 2016.

He specializes in tracking cell phones and identifying suspects in crimes. In this case, Hoyland told the court he noticed Berreth’s phone traveled across the Teller County area and out of state after she went missing.

It was last picked up by the Verizon Network in Idaho.

Berreth’s father, in court today, watched intently as Hoyland described his conclusion, that Kelsey’s phone had traveled from Woodland Park, to Florissant, and then to the Nash Ranch on the night of November 21.

The next day, Hoyland explained Berreth’s phone moved from Florissant to Woodland Park and back.

Kenney’s phone remained in Idaho during this time.

Hoyland testified Berreth’s and Frazee’s phone were together at 4:24 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, then described a flurry of activity between Frazee’s and Kenney’s phones. He said Berreth’s phone moved again after 10 p.m. that night.

Frazee’s ex-girlfriend, Krystal Lee Kenney, who earlier pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and, as part of a plea deal, agreed to testify against him.

Frazee glared at Kenney when she walked into the courtroom. Once on the stand, Kenney got emotional as she described their relationship.

She said the two met in 2006 in Lake George and talked about making several trips back to Colorado to see him. Kenney said, in one visit, Frazee gave her a border collie, telling her he was raising them at the time.

Kenney said she was also dating another man, Chad Lee, during this time, but said Frazee demanded she choose between the two. She said she broke up with Lee, but that things with Frazee got complicated.

She mentioned Frazee demanded payment for the border collie and, when he didn’t receive it, threatened the dog’s life.

As Kenney spoke, Frazee kept his head down.

Kenney eventually rekindled her romance with Lee, she said, and married him in 2010.

But Kenney said she was still in love with Frazee and, after a few years, the two reconnected on Facebook. Several year after that, they started talking by phone.

In 2015, Kenney says she and Frazee met in person in Colorado and, a year later, she discovered she was pregnant with his child, although she was still married to Chad.

Kenney told the court she thought Frazee would be excited about the baby, but instead, he was upset and said the situation wouldn’t look right. Kenney said she aborted the baby, but told Frazee it was a miscarriage.

Kenney said she filed for divorce from Lee in 2016, but that the baby had caused a rift between her and Frazee, and the two didn’t talk for several months.

In 2018, Kenney returned to Colorado and traveled with Frazee. She said he did not mention Kelsey Berreth or their daughter.

Kenney says she didn’t learn Patrick was a father until she spent some time with a mutual friend.

After a brief recess, Kenney continued her testimony.

She said once she learned Frazee had a daughter, she confronted him about it. At that time, the little girl was one year old.

Kenney said Frazee told her Kelsey was abusing their daughter to get back at him. He said something needed to be done about her and, eventually, asked Kenney to put sleeping drugs – a mixture of Ambien and Valium, in Kelsey’s drink.

Kenney said she did go to Berreth’s house with her favorite coffee and introduced herself as “Kasey”. She said she wanted to meet Berreth for herself and decide what kind of person she was.

Kenney described Berreth as “dismissive” in that meeting. She said Berreth accepted the coffee, but she didn’t see her take a drink. Kenney also said that coffee was safe, she hadn’t mixed in anything that might be harmful.

Kenney told the court Wednesday when Frazee found out she’d failed to poison Berreth, he “lost it”.

In another incident, Kenney said she met Frazee in the parking lot of the Walmart in Woodland Park to discuss plans. The two went back to Frazee’s house and he grabbed a pipe from a flatbed trailer. She remembers him saying, “It’s not that hard”. And telling her to hit Berreth in the back of the head, put her in a garbage can, then leave.

He told her he was monitoring her activity.

Kenney said she did drive the pipe over to Berreth’s house but, when she heard dogs barking, she took it back to Frazee’s, telling him there were police driving around.

Kenney told the court Wednesday she had no intentions to hurt Berreth.

She also mentioned talking to a friend, Melinda, about what was going on. Kenney said she told Melinda she didn’t want to be involved.

Kenney said, during that trip, she stayed with Frazee and actually babysat his daughter. She said she never noticed bruises or injuries on the little girl and, although she didn’t say anything about it to Frazee, began to doubt him.

On her next trip to Colorado, Kenney said she told Frazee she “couldn’t do it”.

“I didn’t want him in trouble because he was a good dad. I just wanted it to go away, leave it alone,” she told the court. “I did know about it because if something did happen to her, I knew about it.” Kenney began to cry.

She said she knew it was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do.

On Thanksgiving Day, Kenney said she was in Idaho when she received a call from Frazee. She recalled him saying, “you have a mess to clean up”.

He told her to pick up cleaning supplies and shoe covers and drive to Berreth’s house.

She said she made the 12-hour drive and remembers Frazee calling along the way, to make sure she was still on track. She said he told her there was a lot of blood to clean up, most of it in the living room, and possibly a tooth in a vent.

He left keys by the gate at his house.

Kenney said she was afraid for her own life. And, she said, she thought Frazee would find out if she called police and get back at her in some way.

Upon arriving at Berreth’s home, Kenney described finding a horrific scene. She said there was blood everywhere – all over the living room, kitchen, even her daughter’s stuffed animals. She talked about finding a tooth.

Kenney said the mess was so extensive, she had to throw many items away.

Still, although Kenney said she worked to clean the blood for hours, she also said she intentionally left some behind. She said wanted police to know the case was more than just a disappearance.

Kenney began to cry on the stand after sharing that information.

And she described Kelsey’s death to the court, saying Frazee had blindfolded his fiancee and asked her to guess the scent of candles he was holding. Instead, Kenney said, he beat Berreth with a bat.

She testified that Frazee told her, “he swung away and that it was hard. It wasn’t humane and in the future he would stick to normal weapons, the old fashioned way. And she said he asked her multiple times if she’d seen dents in the floor while she was cleaning.

Kenney said there was a tote in the back of Frazee’s truck, where he usually puts horse shoes. She said that’s where Berreth’s body was – next to the bat he used to kill her.

She said Frazee asked her to go with him to Nash Ranch, get the tote, and take it to Florissant. Kenney said they moved the tote to Florissant, where Frazee started pouring gasoline on the items. 

Kenney said there were big flames, taller than some of the pine trees. She added that Frazee grabbed a tin roofing to tame the flames. Kenney all of the trash bags with Berreth’s bloody belongings were also thrown in the fire.

Kenney said Frazee told her to take Berreth’s phone, purse and gun as far away as possible and send a text to her employer that her grandmother is sick and to also send a text to Frazee that she was mad at him.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

The judge is not allowing any cameras in the courtroom or live reporting during the day.

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