(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) announced the four puppies that previously tested positive for Parvovirus and needed medical care have recovered and been adopted into families.

On Wednesday, May 3 the four puppies were brought into HSPPR, when they tested positive for Parvovirus, a potentially deadly disease for dogs. The litter received intensive care, including constant checkups, IVs, medication, isolated care, additional parvo tests, and more.

HSPPR asked the community for help through its Healing Hearts Fund. On Saturday, May 20 HSPPR reported the four puppies had recovered and were adopted.

  • A family holds a puppy
  • A family holds a puppy with a cone over their head
  • A woman holds a puppy
  • A family holds a puppy with brown fur and a cone over their head

HSPPR thanked the public for its assistance in getting the puppies; Marvin, Marge, Mabel, and Malcolm, into new homes. “You helped us raise vital funds to care for these vulnerable babies, and together, we saved their lives and gave them a second chance,” said HSPPR.