FOUNTAIN, Colo. — The Fountain Police Department (FPD) has revealed some of the issues affecting residents at Fountain Mesa Park.

According to FPD, in 2021 officers responded to approximately 28 calls for service involving juvenile issues at Fountain Mesa Park. In addition to those calls, officers also conducted approximately 70 patrol checks at the park to help “combat the juvenile issues that were occurring.”

“A lot of the issues were are seeing are bullying that has developed into a physical altercation and disrespect for other people,” FPD wrote on Facebook. “The average response time to these calls at Fountain Mesa Park is approximately 6 minutes.”

FPD credited delayed response times to law enforcement responding to higher-priority calls in the city and a shortage of available officers.

“We want the community to know we take these issues seriously and want our youth to be able to play at the park without being harassed,” FPD wrote. “We ask our citizens to continue reporting these incidents to the police and we will continue to increase our presence at all city parks.”

FPD’s post comes nearly a week after it announced it would be increasing patrols at Fountain Mesa Park amid “aggressive juvenile activity.” You can read FOX21’s original story about this situation here.