(FOUNTAIN, Colo.) — In an exclusive interview with FOX21, the family of a Fountain mother, who committed suicide, has broken their silence for the first time since charges were dismissed against the mother’s accused murderer and boyfriend.

Until recently, Miles Kirby had been under the shadow of a murder accusation for the death of his girlfriend and mother of his children, Joslyn Teetzel in July. The murder charges were dismissed on Monday, causing a surge of emotions among the family members who firmly believe that Kirby should be held responsible for her tragic demise.

The decision came after an autopsy report revealed additional video evidence showing Teetzel walking to the couple’s backyard shed alone before being discovered by Kirby the following morning.

Despite the dismissal of murder charges, the Teetzel family maintains that there was an ongoing pattern of domestic violence allegedly inflicted by Kirby upon Teetzel. The family asserts that the abuse had spanned years and culminated in a tragic event that unfolded on July 25.

At Monday’s hearing, Skylar Teetzel, Teetzel’s 10-year-old daughter, delivered a poignant account of the alleged abuse from the night her mother died.

“Miles was hitting her, throwing her against the stairs… He told her, ‘Go kill yourself, or I will do it for you,'” Skylar said, re-reading her court statement. “He’s been hitting and yelling, calling my mom names for years.”

Kirby’s legal defense has adamantly denied any involvement in domestic violence, asserting that the allegations are baseless. Skylar’s statement was met with skepticism from Kirby’s attorney, Daniel Kay, who argued that her statement was coerced.

“I would say that it was very sad that the Teetzel family felt it necessary to put a 10-year-old up there and make a statement about it… There was never an allegation of domestic violence prior to this… They [Kirby and Teetzel] had a loving relationship,” Kay lamented.

Skylar, however, strongly asserted that she chose to speak out independently, stressing that she wrote the statement herself and wanted the truth to be known. She said that night in July was not the first time she pretended to sleep through one of Kirby’s rampages against Teetzel. She just didn’t know it was going to be the last.

Skylar said the abuse extended beyond physical violence, encompassing emotional manipulation that left a lasting impact on her and her siblings. She revealed that her five-year-old twin brothers had even started mimicking their father’s aggressive behavior.

“They [her five-year-old twin brothers] started hitting people, especially mom. And they put up their middle fingers at anyone. Mom was even scared to put them in preschool thinking that they were going to hurt somebody,” said Skylar. “He was our dad for seven years, but because of him, our mom isn’t here and it’s all his fault.”

Teetzel’s sister, Eryn Teetzel, corroborated Skylar’s account with her own observations. She recounted the moments of terror she witnessed, underscoring the pervasive nature of Kirby’s alleged abuse.

“I witnessed it with my own eyes, the way he would talk to her… It scares me to think about what he was doing behind closed doors,” Eryn revealed, shedding light on the insidiousness of the abuse that remained hidden from many.

Teetzel had confided in her mother and stepmother about the escalating abuse she suffered, which they say they were aware of for over three years.

“He would kick her out of the house with no shoes, no jacket in the middle of winter, middle of the night… she would hide under the car from him,” said Arlene Teetzel, Teetzel’s mother.

Arlene, Skylar, and Eryn say they all felt helpless as they watched Teetzel endure the physical and emotional trauma. But none of them ever reported it, a decision they would all live to regret. Teetzel told them they would exacerbate the situation, and would in turn lose her kids.

The family says the tragic outcome of the abuse, Teetzel’s untimely death, has left Skylar and her three other siblings scarred and separated from each other, now all living in separate households.

The family now aims to raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence and encourage others to speak out. In a heartfelt message directed at her daughter, Arlene Teetzel sobbed, “I wish you were still here, and I wish I would have taken you out of that situation.”

Despite the dismissal of charges, the Fountain Police Department maintains that the case remains an active investigation.

Kirby’s attorney alleges carelessness from the Fountain Police Department in the way they charged his client. Kay says that the surveillance video that essentially exonerated Kirby was withheld until after his arrest.

Kirby ended up spending 22 days in jail before his charges were dismissed.

“Detective [Brian] Cristiani leaped to the conclusion that Miles Kirby killed his significant other… He [Kirby] is extremely traumatized, he is extremely depressed, and it’s going to affect him for the rest of his life,” Kay said they are waiting to receive the police report from the Fountain Police Department before moving forward with any other legal action.

Kay said Kirby would not interview with FOX21 because he was overwhelmed with the court proceedings from the day before. Kay asserts that the wrongful charges have left Kirby considering moving away from his hometown of Fountain and changing his identity.

For Teetzel’s family, justice has yet to be fully realized. Arlene said she spoke to Kirby during the court proceedings and made it clear that they are determined to continue their fight for justice.

If you or anyone you know are struggling, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, chat, or text.

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