Fort Carson Fire Academy trains second class of future firefighters

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FORT CARSON, Colo. — Fort Carson Fire Academy trainees conducted a multi-level company live burn exercise Tuesday at the Fort Carson Fire Academy’s training center.

In the last few months, the fire department hired 20 new employees. 11 trainees participated in the training. Those who complete the course will be sworn in as official Fort Carson firefighters.

The majority of the training focused on structural firefighting skills including hose management, communication, forcible entry and ladders. They will also learn about Aircraft Rescue Firefighting and vehicle extrication. One week of the training will specifically focus on wildland firefighting.

“This helps them get oriented to how we’re pulling our line, how we’re communicating on the fire ground and how we’re rescuing,” Assistant Fire Chief of Training Joshua Hosack said. “Basically from the time we get called out until the time we end the incident, they’re getting introduced to how we’re doing that here.”

Fort Carson has four fire stations on post and one at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.

“Really getting down our movements and understanding the best way to get the hose line where it needs to be, how to get to the roof the best way, throwing ladders, making sure that everything runs smooth in the real fire comes in,” Firefighter Quentin Gladin explained.

This is the second class the Fort Carson Fire Academy has trained. The first class began in November 2019, and five new Fort Carson firefighters were sworn-in following completion of the course in December.

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