DENVER — A former staff member of Congressman Doug Lamborn named Brandon Pope has brought forward allegations of unethical behavior in an employment lawsuit against the congressman’s office.

The lawsuit began as a formal complaint filed by Pope against the office in May of 2021.

Pope is seeking monetary damages from the government for the following: back wages, future wages, pain and suffering and attorney’s fees. Pope has partnered with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) during the process to support his case.

Congressman Lamborn’s spokeswoman Cassandra Sebastian released a statement that included the following: 

“Congressman Lamborn is confident in the professional approach the House Committee on Ethics is taking to review the information collected by the overzealous Office of Congressional Ethics. Our office has demonstrated to the OCE in our rebuttal that these false and unfounded allegations have no merit. It is extremely disappointing that two disgruntled former staffers have weaponized the ethics process for political and personal purposes. Congressman Lamborn intends to cooperate fully with the bi-partisan House Committee on Ethics, just as he did with all reasonable requests of the OCE. He remains certain the committee will ultimately reach the appropriate decision by dismissing the OCE’s referral and he expects to be fully exonerated.”

The letter of rebuttal to Pope’s allegations states that Pope was terminated from his position due to his “abrasive[ness] with staff and his direct supervisors”, that he was “no longer willing to take direction from anyone” and was “belligerent towards management with unprofessional verbiage and disrespectful responses”.

The Office of Congressman Lamborn added in the statement that they believe that the OCE acted without considering their organizational bias.

To read the full congressional rebuttal to Pope’s lawsuit, click here.