COLORADO SPRINGS — According to Colorado Springs Police Department, two women reported being touched inappropriately by an employee at Life Time Fitness near the Briargate area.

Police have arrested 42-year-old Gabriel Scott Rainey. Court documents state that he faces one felony count of sexual assault and one misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual contact.

In early February the first patron of Life Time Fitness reported to police that Rainey touched her vagina and breasts without her consent as he was giving her a massage.

The first victim also stated to police that Rainey made creepy comments to her during her massage like, “oh yeah, I could just lick it,” referring to how she liked citrus essential oils.

CSPD interviewed another victim in late February. She told police that Rainey informed her that Life Time Fitness was requiring her to now wear a sports bra and shorts during the massage.

She told police Rainey had given her five to six massages at the Life Time Fitness Spa. In late January she described to CSPD his motion as “scooping” on her vaginal area but at the time had convinced herself that it had been a mistake. She then realized when Rainey texted her to wear clothing from then on that the contact was purposeful.

Women who spoke to FOX21 said Life Time should have notified their members.

“Somebody who pays a lot of money, quite frankly, to go here, does not expect this type of thing to happen,” said one woman. “We have to not be afraid of litigation all the time and be more respectful of women’s dignity in this country.”

FOX21 asked Life Time Fitness when Rainey started working when he was terminated, and if they verified his masseuse license.

Life Time Fitness confirmed to FOX21 that Rainey was hired as a Personal Trainer, for which he had a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification. The gym said as part of a trainer’s role, they also help clients stretch after their workouts but he was never hired as a massage therapist and was not authorized to conduct massages.

LIFE TIME FITNESS STATEMENT: “As an organization dedicated to providing safe, respectful, family-oriented environments and experiences, we were shocked to learn of these serious allegations. In addition to taking swift action to ensure this individual was no longer affiliated with our company, we immediately supported the authorities in their investigation and will continue to do so to the fullest extent.

Another woman who messaged FOX21 said that she was contacted by police because she had been a client of Rainey’s but was never contacted by the gym. She believes Rainey may have started a private practice after Life Time.