(COLORADO SPRINGS) — An arrest affidavit for former District 49 board member Ivy Liu shows her arrest stemmed from a confrontation with a renter over $100 of rent money allegedly owed to Liu.

Arrest documents state that Andrew King had been renting a room in Liu’s house on Arroyo Street in the Stetson Hills area, but that he and Liu had agreed he would move out after meeting up to pay her what rent he owed. King then went to the house earlier than their scheduled meeting time to begin packing up his belongings, but when he found the front door locked, he entered through the back door.

Liu told police she had received a RING camera notification that King was at the door, so she went to the home. When she arrived she reported that she “smelled alcohol.” King alleges that Liu came into the home yelling for him, and when he responded to the top of the stairs, she “had a handgun and was pointing it at him.”

Liu told police she saw King reaching into his pocket and that she knew he had weapons, but responding officers performed a pat-down of King and found no weapons on him, the arrest papers show. Liu insisted to responding officers the gun was never pointed at King, and that she only held it at her side before putting it back in her purse.

King and Liu both called the police during the altercation. Liu alleged an intruder was in her home, and King stated he was afraid Liu would shoot him and that he couldn’t get out of the house because she was standing in front of the door. Liu then told dispatchers that the person in her home owed her rent money and that he was trying to leave without paying.

Liu was arrested on charges of Felony Menacing, Second-Degree Criminal Tampering, and False Imprisonment, which she and her lawyer vehemently deny.

“These are false charges, based on untrue allegations, and I will be found not guilty at trial,” said Liu in a statement to FOX21 News. Liu has since been released on bond.