Florissant pharmacist arrested for sexual assault, accused of luring victim with “cure” for health issues

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TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — A Florissant pharmacist was arrested in late June for allegations of sexual assault. He is accused of convincing a woman from Indiana to visit him, promising to treat a health issue, but instead using drugs to sedate her and perform sexual acts.

Brent Stein, 46, was arrested on June 21 for sexual assault. He is out of jail on a $10,000 bond. Stein was in court on Monday, July 6 in Teller County, where he was advised of that charge and two additional charges of sexual assault.

Since then, Teller County Deputies have reported more victims have come forward to report unwanted sexual conduct by Stein. They have asked anyone who has information on this case or knowledge of other victims, to call Detective Bisset at 719-304-5756.

>> Read the full arrest affidavit

Stein owns Mountain Key Pharmacy in Florissant. At the time of Stein’s arrest, he was on probation for a 2019 conviction of harassment and domestic violence in Douglas County. On Tuesday, a lead investigator with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office said Stein recently violated his probation, for which he was arrested and required to pay an additional bond.

FOX21 reached out to Stein for comment on Thursday, but his office was closed. This article will be updated when he sends a statement.

According to court records, the victim told a Teller County deputy she met Stein on eharmony, a dating site on June 8. According to court documents, Stein had told the woman that he wanted to “court her,” and she told him she was not interested in a sexual relationship at the time. She booked a flight and flew to Colorado Springs two days later, on June 10.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim told the deputy that Stein lured her from her home in Indiana after he explained his late wife died of similar health issues, and he had the ability to “cure” her. The woman disclosed that Stein gave her multiple medications, which she trusted were for the medical issues. She told the investigator that the medications caused her to become incapacitated and was subjected to unwanted anal intercourse multiple times.

The victim explained to the deputy that she was given large syringes filled with an unknown liquid to inject into her nose, which was explained to her to have healing qualities. The victim gave deputies two syringes filled with the unknown clear liquid. She also said that Stein put tablets and white pills into her mouth, which made her feel extremely lethargic, unable to move her arms and legs.

During her first night, the victim told deputies she engaged in consensual kissing with Stein and cuddled with him while in his bed, however, told him multiple times that she did not want to have sex with him.

According to the affidavit, Stein engaged in “putting his dick” in, ejaculating on her stomach against her will. He followed by apologizing and told the victim he would “take it slow,” and she forgave him justifying the “forced sex” to be due to the suspect being “lonely and horny.” The woman told the deputy Stein was highly manipulative throughout the experience.

At one point, the victim told the deputy that Stein said, “he was ordained by God to put his baby in —” and “it was — destiny to carry his son.”

In court documents, text messages were exchanged from the suspect and victim after the alleged assault. Stein texted the woman that he denied giving her medication and states, “Wish you were okay, so sad. I’m sorry I didn’t know. Wish you can forgive. Then you will heal. Sorry.”

The victim also told the deputy that Stein took her phone without her permission and sent pictures of her in her underwear to his phone. When she confronted him about it, Stein allegedly told her he wanted the photographs to pleasure himself. The victim was also concerned that he might have taken photos of her while she was incapacitated.

The victim believes she had been sexually assaulted at least seven times between June 10 and June 16 but told the deputy that she has difficulty recalling the number of times she was sexually assaulted.

According to court documents, the victim reached out to Stein’s sister about what had happened. The sister sent a screenshot to the victim about confronting Stein. The conversation shows Stein texting, “But I have repented, and God has forgiven me now I must change my behavior. I’m fully responsible no sex before marriage.” The sister then replied, “How about no forced sex? EVER!” Stein then responded, “I f***** up.”

The victim went to Memorial Central Hospital in Colorado Springs to get a sexual assault nurse’s exam and did not initially report to law enforcement due to fear of retaliation from Stein.

UPDATE: Stein’s sister reached out to FOX21 on Saturday, as well as the detective on the case. She provided FOX21 a string of text messages, which were not included in court documents, that she says may show another side to the story.

As of Thursday, Brent Stein’s pharmacy license is still listed as active, according to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies database. Although Stein was a licensed pharmacist at the time, he was not legally authorized to prescribe any medication.  The Teller County Sheriff’s Office has reported Stein’s pharmacy license was suspended on July 2.

This story will be updated as this case proceeds through the court system.

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