Fireworks ban rescinded in Fountain

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FOUNTAIN, Colo. — The City of Fountain has rescinded its fireworks ban effective immediately. The City has received a large amount of moisture in the last few days that has temporarily reduced the fire danger associated with fireworks.

The City of Fountain will allow the sale and use of permissible fireworks in accordance with Colorado State Law.

Colorado Law regulates the sale and use of fireworks and it is illegal for a person to use fireworks,
other than those that are permissible, anywhere in the state. Permissible fireworks are non-explosive
and not intended to leave the ground. They are small firework devices that produce audible or visual
effects through combustion.

Permissible fireworks include:
• Fountains with 200 grams or less of explosives, including cones of 50 grams or less per tube or
cylinders with 75 grams or less per tube.
• Wheels with 200 grams or less of explosives, 60 grams per driver unit.
• Ground spinners with 20 grams or less of explosives.
• Illuminating torches with 200 grams or less of explosives.
• Dipped sticks and sparklers with 100 grams or less of explosives.
• Snakes or glow worms with 2 grams or less of explosives.
• Explosive auto alarms, toy propellants, cigarette loads, strike-on-box matches, or trick noise
makers with 50 milligrams or less of explosives.
• Tube devices with 500 grams or less of explosives and a shower of sparks no more than 15 feet
above the ground.

The Fountain Police and Fire Departments will enforce all state firework laws. Colorado Law identifies
the sale or use of illegal fireworks as a Class 3 Misdemeanor resulting in a fine of $50 to $750 and up to
six months in jail. In addition, violators can have fireworks seized.

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