Firefighters rescue dog after falling 60 feet from cliff

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A local dog dad is thankful his four-legged friend is alive after it fell 60 feet off the side of a cliff and was stuck on a ledge Thursday.

It all happened at Helen Hunt Falls where firefighters were called in to help.

The mans best friend named Oreo, a 30 pound sheep dog/doodle was just out on a hike with her owner when she fell.

Fire crews lifted Oreo in a harness back up to safety but her owner said he thought the situation was going to be much worse.

“I was walking around to see if I could see her because I thought she was dead, cause it was such a big cliff,” Victor Brena, Oreo’s owner said.

Victor told first-responders it all happened so quickly.

“She was right on a ledge 50 to 60 ft down. She was about 100 ft up in the air. She was in a weird place, maybe two feet ledge by 3-4 shelf,” Ryan B. a Colorado Springs Firefighter of Station 31A, said. “She got kinda lucky she landed right there, kinda stuck in that perfect spot.”

Brena said they were on a run when he just stopped for a second to catch his breath.

“I sat close to the cliff to rest for a minute then I took the leash off for my dog and the next thing I knew she fell from the cliff,” Brena explained. “I was really scared because I really love my dogs.”

So he called the Colorado Springs Fire Department for help.

“I would say it is pretty rare. I would say dogs are usually a lot more careful than humans,” Ryan said.

Just like any human cliff rescue, the crews harnessed Oreo in and brought her up.

“Initially she was barking and growling. I hovered a couple feet above her for a minute to get her used to me so I wouldn’t get bit. Then after a minute she was fine. She was still scared and skittish but she realized very fast we were there to help her,” Ryan said.

This is a reminder to everyone to keep their dogs on a leash. Helen Hunt Falls requires dogs to be on leash at all times, according to

“Just have your leash and take care of your dogs because they are family,” Brena said.

Oreo is expected to be fine. She did have some blood in her mouth. CSFD said that was probably caused by her biting her tongue when she fell or from hitting her mouth during the fall.

Oreo did go to the vet to get any further treatment.

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