(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In honor of Thursday, May 4, Star Wars Day, Ent Credit Union is sharing some financial lessons we can learn from the storied movie franchise.

Financial lessons we can learn from Star Wars
Courtesy: ENT Credit Union

Bree Shellito, Senior Manager of Community Impact with Ent Credit Union, said there are four lessons we can learn from Star Wars:

  1. Get yourself a Yoda, otherwise known as a guide or a coach.
  2. Use Jedi mind tricks to stay true to your values.
  3. Start now and build yourself up from a Padawan to a Jedi.
  4. Avoid enemies like Jabba the Hut, or in financial terms, pay off debt, and save for the future.

For more financial tips with Ent, watch the video player above, or click on the link.