Fight leads to ER visit for Mitchell High School student

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A mother of a District 11 student is speaking out after a recent fight at Mitchell High School left her daughter in the emergency room.

On Wednesday, Jamie Proctor’s 14-year-old daughter was caught in a fight outside MHS and the ordeal was recorded on a student’s cell phone.

“She was hit, she was kicked, she was stomped and a large group of kids standing and watching,” Proctor said.

After the fight ended, Proctor’s daughter called her to tell her what happened. Proctor decided to take her daughter to see a doctor.

“She got a concussion and I don’t know if she broke any bones, she is in severe pain,” Proctor said.

Proctor’s daughter said she doesn’t know the student who hit her and is now scared to go back to school.

“My daughter is supposed to be safe at school, everyone is supposed to be safe at school,” Proctor said.

District 11 sent this statement to FOX21 News:

This situation was addressed, proper disciplinary action was taken, and CSPD is also involved. As in most any high school across the country, unfortunately, fights between students do occur. Our D11 security and staff immediately work to break up fights and resolve the conflicts between students. Families must also assist with helping staff resolve the situations, too, and help students become responsible adults as they mature.”

District 11

District 11 said Proctor met with the Assistant Principal on Wednesday and was also asked to meet with administration officials after a meeting with an SRO was delayed on Thursday.

Proctor claims she wasn’t asked to stay. Proctor also is unsure if the disciplinary action taken was enough.

“I did speak to someone Thursday morning they told me the student had been punished, I asked if it was a three-day suspension and they said they couldn’t comment but his reaction made it seem like it was,” Proctor said.

Due to privacy laws, District 11 couldn’t disclose the disciplinary action taken.

“D11’s no-bullying policy needs to be evaluated because if you get multiple strikes it’s not zero tolerance,” Proctor said. “The students taking the video were just as involved, but they stood by and watched and cheered and they were active participants.”

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