Festival of Lights interrupted by De’Von Bailey protesters

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COLORADO SPRINGS — What started as a candlelight vigil quickly turned into a peaceful protest by supporters of De’Von Bailey in downtown Colorado Springs on Saturday evening.

De’Von Bailey was shot and killed by police this past August, which was ruled justified this November.

Around 50 protesters gathered in Acacia Park, said a few words about De’Von, and within minutes separated into small groups, holding signs and chanting as they walked up and down the sidewalks of the parade.

Some protesters joined in the parade and walked in between floats with signs in hand.

The group returned to Vermijo and Tejon and continued to chant in a large group for the remainder of the parade.

People watching the parade had conflicting opinions on the matter.

“I was standing there with my mom watching the parade. I saw them come behind me and it made me have happiness that they are trying to get their support out for De’Von Bailey,” said parade attendee Renee White.

“I just feel like it was really disruptive and obnoxious and we came out here to watch a parade for the holidays and I feel like that was really uncalled for,” said parade attendee Michelle Johnson.

Some parade-goers yelled things back at the protestors, some in support and some against.

As the parade ended, protesters began to scream at police and officers raised a baton at the group, but no one was hurt.

Colorado Springs Police Department has confirmed to FOX21 that two women were served & released on charges of obstructing a passageway for laying in the street as well as unlawful acts for disrupting the parade.

Supporters of De’Von declined to comment on their actions.

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