CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. – It’s been two years since a Chaffee County mother vanished on Mother’s Day.

On May 10, 2020, 49-year-old Suzanne Morphew had reportedly gone for a bike ride alone in the Maysville area and didn’t return home. Her bike was found less than a mile from her home. She has not been seen since.

Her husband, Barry Morphew, was arrested almost a year later in connection with her murder. Last month those charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning charges against him could be refiled.

Suzanne Morphew’s friends and family say she brought light to many people’s lives, and they are holding on to hope that one day she will be found.

“Suzanne, it seems impossible that it’s been two years since you went missing. This whole thing is surreal. Not a single day goes by that you aren’t thought of by so many who love you. We continue to pray for you to be found, for answers and closure. Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friend.”

Michelle Davis (Friend)

“It seems to me that motherhood for Suzanne was a natural calling as a woman and her generational gift.  Our Mom was loving and caring and devoted primarily to her family and in particular to her children.  It was my sisters’ great joy and her faith in God was reflected in her role as a mother to Mallory and Macy.  Suzanne was a wonderfully devoted mother.

One of the characteristics that distinguished both my Mom and Suzanne was their love of infants…they adored the stage of infancy in their (all) babies.  They were both gifted at comforting and caring for infants.  Both women were quiet nurturers and found their strongest identity in being mothers.  Suzanne unconditionally loved Mallory and Macy….this will be my memory today.”

Melinda (Suzanne’s Sister)
Suzanne Morphew and Amy McCurry

“While we may never receive answers, may we never forget Suzanne, and the beautiful person she was, inside, and out! Please, continue to pray for all families involved and not only share her photo, and memory, but her Love for others, and for her Father in Heaven. I choose to #spreadthesparkle and I hope you do too! May we #shinebrightforsuzanne, & #spreadthesparkle of her beautiful smile, by paying it forward, practicing Random acts of Kindness, doing good deeds, and emitting light, in her memory. Suzanne Morphew Please know, you are loved by so many and can never be forgotten!”

Amy McCurry (Friend)

“I have an ache in my heart with Suzanne missing and my Mother’s Day will always be about SUZANNE’S memory forever, I won’t celebrate Mother’s Day for myself as a mom in a normal way ever again… I am still struggling and trying to heal, I am even still involved with a grief therapist monthly, I won’t ever be the same again with her soft soul that vanished so abruptly 2 years ago… There are still moments I reach for my phone, to just hope to call Suzanne occasionally, and in hopes she will pick up my call? Nothing but silence. Her radiant smile and her soft touch is etched in my soul forever. SUZANNE is our loss, but HEAVEN’S GAIN.”

Teressa Fountain (Friend)

According to court documents, law enforcement believes they are close to locating the body of Suzanne Morphew. Police believe her body is in a remote and mountainous region near the Morphew residence. However, the weather has complicated recovery efforts, according to court documents. The area received significant snow before the search could be completed.

People in Salida plan to hold a vigil for Suzanne Morphew on Saturday, May 14th at Riverside Park.

T-shirts and bracelets will be available at the event to raise funds for The Alliance, an organization that provides crisis intervention, support and emergency shelter for women and men suffering from domestic violence. Funds raised from bracelet sales will go toward a tree planted in her name to keep her memory alive. The plan is to plant the tree in Riverside Park in Suzanne’s honor.

If you would like to purchase a $30 t-shirt or would like to donate, email 100% of the proceeds will be going towards The Alliance. Shirts are GILDAN 100% heavy cotton-unisex in sizes M, L, XL, XXL, and 4XL.