(MONUMENT, Colo.) — A boy has been arrested and charged with a felony and misdemeanor after a threatening note that referenced a bomb threat was found in a restroom at Palmer Ridge High School, according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO).

EPSO said it was quickly determined through an investigation that there was “no credible threat, and all students were safe.”

On Thursday, Oct. 20 at around 1:00 p.m., an EPSO School Resource Officer was notified of a threatening note found in a restroom at Palmer Ridge High School, which apparently “referenced a bomb threat scheduled for the next day, October 21, 2022,” according to EPSO.

School administration, school security, and the School Resource Officer immediately implemented safety protocols and started an investigation, which took place over 15 minutes.

The team quickly determined there was “no credible threat, and all students were safe.” The team also identified the student who wrote the note, which according to EPSO, “added confidence to this determination.”

School administration worked closely with the Sheriff’s Office during the investigation and a boy was arrested, while disciplinary action through school administration is ongoing.

According to EPSO, the boy was charged with False Report of Explosives, a felony, and Interference with Staff, Faculty or Students of Educational Institutions, a misdemeanor.

The boy, according to the Sheriff’s Office was served and released to a parent, and will not be identified, due to his age.

EPSO released a statement following the incident to Lewis-Palmer School District 38 and the administration of Palmer Ridge High School.

“The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the School District 38 security team and the Palmer Ridge High School administration for their initial handling of this incident. We value our excellent working relationship with them and remain committed to the safety of the students and staff who attend all of the various schools and school districts that serve the hundreds of thousands of residents who live in the unincorporated portions of El Paso County.”

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

Mark Belcher the Director of Communication for Lewis-Palmer School District 38 also shared with FOX21 News a letter sent to families after the incident.

“Families of Palmer Ridge High School,

As you know, we sent out district communication yesterday about an incident that required a safety HOLD at the school. In situations that involve school investigations that are determined to be non-credible, the district does not typically disclose specific information, with the goal of protecting student privacy in a disciplinary situation. From communication with parents, we understand the desire for additional information on this particular matter. 

Yesterday (October 20, 2022), school administration and security found a sticky note in a restroom that referenced a bomb. Although bomb threats in schools are incredibly rare and are often created to disrupt and cancel school, we immediately implemented safety protocols while simultaneously enacting an investigation. This investigation took place over the course of 15 minutes, and we were able to quickly determine there was no real threat, and all students were safe. We did confirm the identity of the individual who wrote the note, which added confidence to this determination. Throughout this process school administration was working closely with the Sheriff’s Office. An arrest was made and appropriate disciplinary action is in process.

Please know that in the event of a real threat where student safety is in question, we will always provide maximum information. In the event of student discipline situations, we do our best to protect student privacy. We hope you understand the delicate balance we must achieve in our communications. 

Please know that the students in the school are safe and that we are always actively working to maintain and ensure a safe environment for your children.”

Lewis-Palmer School District 38