(COLORADO SPRINGS) — After nearly five decades, Independent Records is shutting down for good.

Independent Records played a pivotal role in Colorado’s music landscape with locations spanning from Pueblo to Denver. Yet, as technology advanced, the harmonious haven faced an uphill battle against the relentless surge of streaming services.

The last location in the state survives on Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs. But, on July 28, Independent Records announced their official closure on social media with a going-out-of-business sale.

In its heyday, Independent Records was more than just a commercial enterprise; it was a faithful companion to generations of music enthusiasts.

“My mom took me here to get my first C.D. I seek comfort here… It’s a sense of community that we lose when we talk about losing an establishment like Independent Records,” said Iggy Gonzalez, a longtime customer and former employee.

After moving to three different locations in Colorado Springs, employees say this last move to its current location contributed to the store’s downfall.

This Sunday, Aug. 13, will be Independent Record’s 45th birthday, and employees can’t bear to watch their store go without a fight. A GoFundMe has been set up in hopes of raising enough money to save the store.

Employees say if they don’t raise enough money by the end of the month, they will officially shut down.