El Paso County community pulls neighborhood-wide prank on package thieves

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One local community is using a unique tactic against porch pirates. They’re leaving holiday package thieves with a gift they aren’t expecting — wrapped with a karma bow.

We won’t say where because we don’t want to blow their cover, but these folks have come up with a hilarious community-wide scheme.

“Well somebody had captured it on camera [and posted it] on Facebook and then said that they spotted some car and we’re trying to all help each other out so I just commented on there and I said ‘why don’t we start putting decoy boxes out with whatever you want to put in or they could be empty, whichever route you want to go, ‘” said Candice Vasquez.

That post sparked a neighborhood-wide porch pirate plan.

“Mine is just rocks and we put some old phone books in ours at the moment to make it heavy and believable,” said Candice.

However, other people are leaving some stinkier surprises.

“A lot of people are doing [different things], I’ve heard about dirty diapers, dog feces, horse [feces], chicken [feces], we’ve heard it all. Everybody out here has different kinds of animals so it’s going to be fun,” said Candice.

One man’s revenge is another man’s karma.

“I hope it deters them. Basically, everybody here works hard for their money and they want to do good for their kids and so with them opening these surprise boxes so to speak, they stop coming out here and either go and get a real job or just leave us alone,” said Samuel Vasquez, Candice’s husband.

The Vasquez family says if you’re going to do this, you may want to think about switching out your packages every couple of days so that thieves don’t catch on.

The joke is on you, porch pirates!

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