COLORADO SPRINGS — On Saturday, a Colorado Springs woman held a Ukrainian egg decorating workshop to teach others about an eastern European tradition.

Lisa Davey’s family has been making Ukrainian eggs for over forty years. She is third generation Ukrainian and has made these intricate eggs since she was very young. Families typically start making these beautiful eggs a month before the Easter holiday. They use beeswax to draw the unique designs and then die the eggs and put layers on top of layers of designs and colors.

“Your whole egg is covered in wax, and you can’t see the beautiful colors, and at the end, you put it into a heated candle, and you remove the wax, and you get something beautiful and colorful like this. An egg can be anywhere from an hour for a simple one or up to ten to 12 hours. My mother did a goose egg, and it took her a month to finish it,” Davey said.

Instead of paying for the workshop, those who participated gave donations for medical supplies that will be sent over to Davey’s cousin in Poland. She says her cousin only lives 50 miles from the Ukrainian border and has seen many women and children who need medical attention.

“I’m really excited to see people come and practice it that have learned it before or come and learn it, and hopefully, it will also raise some awareness on how we can support each other as community members no matter what it is, whether it is Ukraine or challenges of covid or anything like that,” Davey added.

Next Sunday, this workshop is happening again at 810 Arcturus Drive in Colorado Springs.
Make sure to bring a few raw eggs.