Duane “Dog” Chapman finds people for a living: What he says about missing Colorado Springs boy

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COLORADO SPRINGS– 25 days have passed since 11-year-old Gannon Stauch was last seen, and the El Paso County Sheriff’s office has been tight lipped about the details of the search and the investigation.

Colorado native, Duane “Dog” Chapman, a famous bounty hunter known for tracking down fugitives, offered his opinion on what may be happening during this investigative process.

Dog says although a lack of information from law enforcement may be frustrating, it happens for a reason.

“A lot of things we don’t need to know, cause they’re ya know – the either government or the cops. If they really don’t have any idea at all, cops would be like ‘listen we need the public’s help’ absolutely, but if they got a couple hints or they are just waiting for someone to crack or evidence right, then that’s why they are saying, ‘it’s under investigation,'” explained Dog.

Although the Sheriff’s office has not released many details on the investigation, they said the investigation is progressing, and have received over 700 leads. Dog stresses the importance of those leads:

“Leads come in, as you hear, ‘there’s 155 leads and 1 panned out,’ – that’s so true! I used to think ‘they’re lying,’ and I worked on this case 200 leads and finally one came through so, with cops, any investigator, you gotta work every single lead,” said Chapman.

Since 11-year-old Gannon Stauch went missing, social media rumors and speculation have spread across social media, something the sheriff’s office has railed against over the last several weeks.

And Chapman says although social media tips can be useful, they can also be misleading.

“The internet is not the bible. A picture is worth a thousand words, but even it can be altered. I’m glad we got the internet cause you can find out things – and my investigations are a whole lot different – now, I find ’em a lot quicker, but people have to remember – it’s not the bible,” Dog explained.

“They use that as a tool against the predator so it’s good – very good that we’ve got – i’ve caught so many in the last year by social media,” he said.

On Friday, the Crime lab was spotted at the last place where Gannon Stauch went missing.

Dog says investigators will most likely take a look at his room, and see if anything is different or suspicious about the house, as part of the investigation.

“I lost a daughter and her room, her stuff that was in her room… is still the same to this day,” he said.

“You search that house, look in the room, what’s the room look like? Did they leave it messed up, did they clean it up, there’s a lot of things, Dog explained.

At this point, the investigation into Gannon’s disappearance is not a criminal one, nor have any suspects been named.

All official updates regarding the search and parallel-running investigation will come from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

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