DENVER — Drive Electric Colorado has announced that it is setting its goal to put 940,000 electric vehicles on Colorado roads by 2030. The U.S. has set the national goal of 50% of all vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric.

DEC is offering the following free resources about electric vehicles:

  • A user-friendly website with comprehensive information about EVs such as: 
    • Overall EV technology education
    • EV makes and models that are currently available to purchase in Colorado 
    • How to charge your car at home and away
    • State and federal incentives available for EV purchases
  • Individual EV coaching support from vetted experts 
  • Online and in-person EV classes
  • Ride & Drive and EV Showcase events
  • Interactive social media accounts with the latest information

The organization is also offering communities and other groups trying to encourage electric cars and bikes usage resources as well.

These resources are as follows:

  • Social media campaign collateral with topics like EV mythbusters, Charging 101, Colorado-specific FAQs, eBike Highlights, and more
  • Dedicated landing pages for dealerships and utilities 
  • Profiles and stories about EV drivers in various communities
  • Fleet engagement about electric vehicles of all sizes
  • Charger gap assessments

If you have decided that driving or riding electric is for you, you’re invited to take DEC’s Be In Charge Pledge that your next vehicle will be electric.

DEC’s mission partner’s with the Biden Administration’s executive order on Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks, an initiative stemming from the United Nation’s 2021 IPCC report on climate change. The switch to electric vehicles will also improve Colorado’s air quality and impact on the global climate.

DEC also partners with the following regional Colorado groups: Clean Energy Economy for the RegionFour Corners Office for Resource Efficiency and Northern Colorado Clean Cities.

“Our hope is that Drive Electric Colorado will be the go-to resource for Colorado consumers that are interested in EVs but not sure where to start,” said Julia Davila, associate project manager for Drive Electric Colorado.  “Our individualized coaching program can guide buyers in their own unique situation; budget, charging capabilities, range needs and incentives that they qualify for.” 

Drive Electric Colorado currently works with Sustaining Sponsor Xcel Energy and Founding Platinum sponsors i25 Kia, Peak Kia, Phil Long Dealerships and Tynan’s Auto Group to amplify this initiative throughout the state.