Dog found in Colorado Springs on Christmas Eve extremely malnourished

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COLORADO SPRINGS — On Christmas Eve, a Colorado Springs woman called Animal Law Enforcement to report a dog she found in her yard lying in the snow.

According to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR), when officers arrived the woman had covered the dog with a blanket to keep him warm and gave him water.

The dog, now named Dante, was severely underweight, barely able to walk.

Without a microchip or any tags, Dante’s previous owners are unknown.

Once Dante arrived at the shelter, veterinarians got to work and found that Dante was severely dehydrated and hypoglycemic due to starvation.

Courtesy: HSPPR FB

HSPPR kept him in the shelter over the next couple of weeks to give him continuous IV fluids and a high-calorie diet to help him gain weight.

Last week, after gaining 10 pounds, he was deemed healthy enough to continue his recovery in foster care.

“We are in awe of the kindness shown by the woman who found him, by the hard work of our veterinary team who continues to help Dante recover, by the officers and shelter staff who showed Dante, love, during his stay with us, and by his foster parents, who are working extra hard to ensure Dante gets to a healthy weight!”


Dante is still on a strict feeding regimen, so he is not quite up for adoption just yet.

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