COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 has learned more about the April 28 death of 44-year-old Bridget Kenner in Colorado Springs.

Court documents, obtained by FOX21, reveal Kenner’s boss called Colorado Springs Police for a welfare check, when she did not show up for her shift at Penrose-St. Francis Hospital, as expected.

Kenner’s boss told police she hadn’t seemed ill at work the night before.

However, police were not able to respond to Kenner’s home on Fallgold Court at that time.

Bridget Kenner’s body was found by Colorado Springs Police inside her home on Fallgold Court on April 28, 2020

Later that night, police received another welfare check request, when Kenner’s boyfriend, Martin Cornett, went to her house and was unable to make contact, even though, he said, the lights were on and her car was inside the garage.

When police arrived, Cornett told them he had been able to get into the house through a sliding glass door in the back, where he described seeing blood.

>>Read the full arrest affidavit here (warning: disturbing content)

Police say they went into the house, where they found Kenner’s body on the floor of the living room, covered by a blanket. The document says she appeared to have been stabbed at least twice.

No one else was inside the house at the time, but police say they found evidence of other people living there.

A short time later, police found Kenner’s 16-year-old daughter, Emma, with her boyfriend, 19-year-old Cohen Heath, at a nearby convenience store. The pair was apparently planning to buy a pre-paid credit card in order to uber to the downtown Colorado Springs area, where they said they thought it would be easier to be homeless.

Court documents note the younger Kenner identifies as male.

Heath made headlines in August, when he was accused of killing and mutilating his mother’s cat.

Courtesy of CSPD

Police say during interviews, Heath and the younger Kenner both spoke to the fact that Bridget Kenner had been stabbed, though the officer filing the report said he’d never mentioned the manner of death.

As part of that process, Heath told officers he was in the house at the time of Kenner’s death, saying the mother and daughter were arguing over Emma’s “self-injuring behavior”. He told police the argument escalated and he heard Kenner plead with her daughter to not hurt or kill her.

Heath said a short time later he went upstairs to find Kenner dead.

After several hours, the couple packed their bags and left the house.

Court documents show police found a grisly scene inside, including “a significant quantity of blood” in the master bedroom, and evidence of blood in other rooms. They also found a bloody knife on an island in the kitchen.

Police say both Emma Kenner and Heath had sustained minor injuries.

Both teenagers are facing charges including murder, accessory to murder, and tampering with physical evidence – both are set to appear in court on May 11.