(MONUMENT, Colo.) — Dancing School Resource Officer; a grouping of words you normally wouldn’t see together, is now becoming a huge hit on social media after Deputy Chad Wheat showed off his moves during a recent Lewis-Palmer High School (LPHS) assembly.

The video, which is quickly making its rounds on the internet was captured on Friday, Jan. 27 by Jeanette Laudner, of Poms Moms, during a dance team performance at LPHS. Deputy Wheat is the School Resource Officer for LPHS in Monument, which is part of Lewis-Palmer School District 38 in El Paso County.

Deputy Wheat’s performance was shared on the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) Facebook page and shows the Deputy walking into the frame at about 50 seconds in, before breaking it down with the Poms Dance Team.

“Our dancing School Resource Officer, Deputy Wheat, continues to build rapport and relationships with the student body and staff on a daily basis. We are so very proud of Deputy Wheat,” stated EPSO on its Facebook page.

Deputy Wheat is seen walking into the Poms dance circle, before dancing it out with the Poms squad to a choreographed dance. The school erupted in cheers as the dance finished and Deputy Wheat amped up the crowd as he ran out of frame.