DA releases exhibits admitted to evidence in Patrick Frazee murder trial

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Responding to a slew of media requests following the highly publicized murder trial of Patrick Frazee, the 4th Judicial District Attorneys office released exhibits admitted to evidence on Friday.

Frazee was found guilty this week for the murder of Kelsey Berreth, his fiancee and the mother of his child, on Thanksgiving Day in 2018. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Without offering a comment on the trial, a spokesperson for the DA’s office distributed DVDs which contain:

  • Video of a walk-through at Frazee’s property with Krystal Lee Kenney
  • Video of a walk-through at Kelsey Berreth’s
  • Video of radar of a hay bale
  • Various photos
  • Five redacted timelines

Prosecutors noted Kenney’s* testimony against Frazee, which she provided, along with a guilty plea to a charge for tampering with evidence, as part of a plea deal, played a huge role in their success in this trial.

*In court, Kenney noted that she now uses the name “Krystal Lee,” however FOX21 News will refer to her as “Krystal Lee Kenney” or “Kenney”, for consistency.

Video of Kenney walking investigators through Berreth’s condo and Frazee’s property provided compelling information to the jury.

In one 18 minute video, Kenney, standing in Berreth’s home, can be heard describing the gruesome scene she discovered after, she said, Frazee called her to clean up after the murder.

In the video, Kenney is dressed in a CBI cap and sweatshirt.

“When I first walked in,” she said, haltingly, “I saw blood all over the floor.” Kenney can be seen gesturing to the room around her. “I saw blood up the wall. Saw blood on this wall. That’s what I saw.”

The video, shaky at times, reveals floorboards had been pulled up, some left on a loveseat by the door. There are a few baby toys by the fireplace.

Several seconds of silence preceded each video clip.

Kenney was questioned by lead investigator Greg Slater with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Kenney admitted to throwing items belonging to Berreth inside her washing machine.

She also described blood all over Berreth’s bathroom and bloody footprints.

In another video, this one shadowy, shot outside on Frazee’s property, Kenney can be heard describing what happened after Berreth was murdered.

“[Frazee] gave me Kelsey’s phone and gave me instructions on what to do with the phone,” she tells investigators in the video.

Later, Kenney explained where Berreth’s body was burned.

“Were you present when he started the fire,” an investigator can be heard asking Kenney.

“Yes, I was,” she says.

“The things that were thrown into the fire by me,” Kenney tells investigators in another video clip, “were the belongings from Kelsey’s house – the curtains, the pillows, the stuffed animals, the cleaning supplies, the towels.”

“I also threw in the clothing that I was wearing,” she continues. “Plus a pair of shoes that I had been wearing.”

In another video, a cadaver dog named Radar can be seen making a positive hit on a bale of hay in a barn at Nash Ranch.

A photograph provides a closer view of the discolored hay referenced by prosecutors during the trial.

Discolored hay located at Nash Ranch, following the murder of Kelsey Berreth.

Additional photographs released by the DA’s office Friday can be viewed in the slideshow below.

Including pictures of Frazee going to a Woodland Park ATM and Walmart. Investigators say Frazee wanted to be seen so he could have an alibi. He told investigators he left Woodland Park shortly after he was caught on video, but a camera at a furniture store caught him going back to Berreth’s home, contradicting his timeline.

He was caught leaving hours later.

Berreth’s body has not been found, but this week an investigator said the search for her remains will continue.

Krystal Kenney will be back in court in early December. She faces up to three years in prison for her role in Berreth’s murder.

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