D.I.Y. Mask from an old T-shirt

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21’s Carly Moore tries to make a mask out of an old t-shirt.

All you need is a t-shirt, paper clip, scissors, measuring tape/ruler and a needle and thread or hot glue gun.

  1. Cut a sleeve off a t-shirt, but make sure you include the seam when you are cutting.
  2. Cut the sleeve up the seam, so that the sleeve tube is now a flat piece of fabric.
  3. Measure the sleeve about 7 inches or however long you think it might need to be to cover your face, trim off the excess sleeve fabric.
  4. Cut the collar off the shirt, again keeping the seam
  5. Fold the collar in half and cut each fold, so you have two half-circles
  6. Take the paperclip and unfold it, make it into a wide A-frame, it will support the bridge of your nose.
  7. Where the sleeve comes to a point, that part goes on your nose, fold that excess fabric beyond the seam over on top of the paperclip and stitch it in place. (Hot glue might also work)
  8. Now attach the two collar pieces to the narrow end of the sleeve by sewing or gluing. They will be what secures the mask behind your ear.

>> These instructions are from this link.

Here is a look at the finished product.

It took about 20 minutes to make that mask.

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