(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) said its internal investigation into the officers involved in the beating and arrest of black veteran Dalvin Gadson has concluded.

The case revolves around a traffic stop on Oct. 29, 2022, during which Gadson was repeatedly punched almost 30 times, sending him to the hospital with intense bruising and a closed brain injury. Gadson was arrested on multiple charges, most of which were later dropped, except one.

Following the incident, which was captured on police body-worn cameras, a federal lawsuit was filed against CSPD, accusing officers Colby Hickman, Matthew Anderson, and Christopher Hummel of “deliberately, knowingly, intentionally, and violently” beating Gadson without any verbal warning.

On Friday, Aug. 4, CSPD said the department had completed its internal personnel investigation and were releasing the full case summary and administrative insights, including body-worn camera footage, which you can find here.

Regarding the allegations of misconduct against the three officers, the investigation revealed the following:

Officer Colby Hickman

  • Allegations of inappropriate use of force against Officer Hickman were ruled unfounded, and no further action was recommended.

Officer Christopher Hummel

  • Allegations of inappropriate use of force against Officer Hummel were ruled unfounded.
  • Allegations of inappropriate treatment and demeaning speech used against Gadson were sustained.
  • Allegations of conduct unbecoming of an officer – for making “inappropriate and unprofessional” comments toward Gadson and bringing “disrepute and distrust of the Colorado Springs Police Department” – were sustained.

Hummel will serve a 10-hour suspension and he will be removed from his position as a Police Training Officer.

Officer Matthew Anderson

  • Allegations of inappropriate use of force against Officer Anderson were ruled unfounded; however, a note was added addressing the use of consecutive punches (13-14 punches to Gadson’s face and 11-12 punches to the side/abdomen).
    • “While the number of total strikes meet the threshold of lawfulness under the totality of the circumstances, the action is not in line with the training and expectations of the Colorado Springs Police Department.”
  • Allegations of Anderson’s failure to follow CSPD training regarding evaluation of the effectiveness of force, and changing tactics if said use of force is determined ineffective, while issuing verbal commands, were sustained.

Anderson will serve 10 hours of remedial scenario training on properly evaluating the effectiveness of uses of force and will have a Supervisor Discussion Record (SDR) filed.

Attorneys for Gadson sent out a response to CSPD’s findings, which you can read in its entirety below:

Let’s be clear. These officers beat Dalvin Gadson. They punched and kicked him multiple times in the head and body while he posed no threat to them. Chief Vasquez and his command staff want the people of Colorado to believe that wasn’t excessive force. They want us to ignore the truth that we’ve seen with our own eyes and take their word for it. That’s insulting.

It’s clear to us that any investigation controlled by Chief Vasquez and his command staff isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why we called for an independent investigation and that’s why we reached out to the United States Department of Justice.

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