(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) says a man is in custody after hitting eight vehicles in northeast Colorado Springs.

CSPD responded to a crash where a suspect hit six vehicles causing one car to roll over Friday, Sept. 22, just after after 3 p.m.

Officers discovered that the incident began at 4900 New Car Drive when the suspect allegedly hit a vehicle in a parking lot. The suspect drove away and hit a separate vehicle near Austin Bluffs and Woodmen.

The suspect continued driving until he crashed into 6 vehicles near Woodmen Road and Rangewood Drive. In this crash, a vehicle rolled over and the occupant was taken to the hospital with nonserious injuries, according to CSPD.

The suspect then left on foot and was found by officers on the Scene. CSPD says he was taken into custody without incident, and alcohol is suspected to have played a factor in the case.