Cruelty to animal charge filed after Humane Society finally makes contact with owner

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The owner of the dog in the viral video has now been charged with one count of cruelty to animals.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region said they’re charging the teen’s dad, Cristian Hurtado with animal cruelty for leaving the dog outside with no shelter, not because of the viral video.

HSPPR said that they started the investigation into this case back in September. The dog is 11 years old and named Beast.

The viral video was captured in July and in the states statue authorities have to prove bodily injury, but with so much time that had gone by, they can no longer prove that.

“Don’t feel like my son was abusing my dog its not like he was breaking his jaw— he loves his dog the dog loves him,” the mother of the teen said.

The video caught the attention of online viewers and it was originally posted by a neighbor.

“My son did get punished for this, he had to go in he had a court date– he had to go to court for the video,” the mother explained. “He got punished, he got his phone taken away. We asked him ‘were you hitting the dog and he said no..?’ because to him that wasn’t hitting the dog that he hit with his leg and slapped with his hand.”

“One of our officers did witness that on one of our attempted contacts with the owner and there is video of other times of the animal outside without shelter,” HSPPR Sergeant Jeff Rigney said.

Hurtado’s wife said they know the HSPPR officers well. However, Sgt. Rigney said that Tuesday was the first time they were able to make contact with the family.

“The Humane Society was going out everyday to once a week, they spoke to us they measure the chain and him to the sidewalk and him to his water bowl,” the mother said.

“We’ve been investigating this case since the middle of September, we’ve been out 9 times and we were trying to get him to make contact with us and he finally did yesterday he came down and I charged him,” Rigney said.

The officer could only give a warning to the teenager after receiving the video.

“We encourage people when you get evidence send it, call us right away and if we see injury we can take action through the courts,” Rigney explained.

The mother of the teen said the family loves Beast and don’t want him taken away.

“The Humane Society would have taken our dog from us if they thought he was being abused,” the mother added.

HSPPR said Hurtado could face fines, cruelty classes or even jail time. Officials said its a case by case basis but the judge could decide to have Beast taken away from the family.

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