DIVIDE, Colo. — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Naturalist Ben Schapira is the host of the Mountain Lion Roving Program at Mueller State Park, which educates park guests about mountain lions.

The program which brings an interactive experience to guests, allows people to feel mountain lion skin, look at scat droppings, and also educates them on other signs for when mountain lions are in a particular area.

The program also teaches guests what to do, in the case that they encounter a mountain lion. Some of the tips include; making yourself look really big and to make noise.

“You want to kind of make noise; things like metal water bottles are great for this and hiking poles make real loud and sudden noises,” said Schapira.

Schapira said that you don’t want to run from the animal, because the mountain lion is a predator. Running can trigger their instinct to chase, so he advises people to back away slowly from the animal if you ever see one.

“With our mountain lions, they are predators, and over the years we as humans, you know we are two-legged creatures,” Schapira added. “So over time they kind of learned this, they kind of recognize us, not as necessarily something they want to eat.”