CPW gives advice on mountain lion encounters after big cat stalks Utah man

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A man on a hike in Utah was stalked by a mountain lion on October 10 for over six minutes. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is sharing what you can do if you have a similar encounter.

“He sees the kittens’ mountain lion cubs and starts approaching them – which causes the whole confrontation to begin with,” said Aaron Berscheid, District Wildlife Manager at Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) spoke with FOX21 about the dangerous encounter – saying to stay far away from wild animals.

“A close encounter that should have not happened, however, he is doing the right things once the mountain lion does start coming after him. He makes himself big, he starts talking really loud to the cat. He backs away – he doesn’t run away,” Berscheid said.

Kyle Burgess is the man in the video. He said he thought he “was done for.”

The nerve-racking encounter lasts six minutes before its abrupt conclusion after Burgess bends down to grab a rock.

“Eventually towards the end of the video, he does throw a rock at it, which gets it to turn around and run, so anything that you can use as a weapon whether it’s a stick, rock, pepper spray, it’s always good,” said Berscheid.

Berscheid said we have mountain lions in our area – and to be cautious on trails. He advises to always hike with a partner.

Click here to watch an interview with the man about his encounter.

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