Costly cleanup associated with ‘serial tagging’ in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs Police Department is asking for the public’s help after a specific graffiti mark was tagged 366 times across the city costing over $20,000 in property damage.

“This is now a felony crime, class four felony, which could result in a prison term for several years,” said Lieutenant Jim Sokolik.

The graffiti reads ‘S-W-Y-M’ which has no particular meaning – that police are currently aware of. CSPD do not believe it to be gang-related at this time.

“We don’t know if it’s one person or multiple people, typically though, this type of tagging is done by one individual,” said Lt. Sokolik.

These tags are not only appearing in public areas, but also on private property, to include hospitals, schools, houses, and more.

The Colorado Springs Neighborhood Services crew removes the graffiti as quickly as possible – to ensure clean trails and neighborhoods.

“Just stop it. There’s other avenues to express your art – this is not one of them,” said Pedro Laumbach, Colorado Springs Neighborhood Services.

>>If you have any information, call police at (719) 444-7000.

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