Colorado Springs woman goes viral while in active labor

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs woman has gone viral after saving a person’s life, taking and passing a nursing exam all while in active labor.

Meredith Bates’ sister made a Tik Tok video summarizing her day, and so far it has received more than 1.2 million views.

“It is wild what a weird thing leading up to Jack’s birth,” said Bates.

Bates was 31 weeks pregnant when she started experiencing contractions. She went to the hospital, but doctors told her she wasn’t progressing and let her go so she could take her nursing exam.

“I had my NCLEX exam, something I have been preparing for two and half years,” said Bates.

On her way to taking the exam, she squeezed in a quick study session at a local coffee shop, but life had other plans.

“I went to study at Starbucks for my nursing exam, while I was there a woman had a heart attack,” said Bates.

After stabilizing the woman, she went and took her exam, but her contractions wouldn’t go away.

“I went back to the hospital, they re-emitted me and I was progressing at that point,” said Bates.

This time, she finally gave birth to her baby Jack. He was born premature and continues to receive care at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“Well nothing was going to stop him from coming no matter what anybody did, he had a plan and made it happen,” said Bates.

Jack and Meredith’s journey has been shared by thousands on social media. Users left and right praised them both, one user said, ‘she has accomplished more in one day while also in labor, than I have in my entire life.’

“I’m blown away, I am not into social media that much so I was really shocked it went viral,” said Bates.

However to Meredith, this journey showed her how powerful motherhood can be.

“Advice for moms who are expecting mothers, they are capable of anything,” said Bates. “Even if they have unexpected things happening they are capable of anything.”


My little sister Meredith Bates passed her NCLEX & helped save a life all while being in active labor. #momtok #fyp #foryoupage #nicu @jess_hover

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As you can imagine, with Jack being in the hospital, bills are quickly stacking up. The family has set up a GoFundMe where you can donate.

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