Colorado Springs photographer’s “Friends” themed newborn shoot goes viral

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COLORADO SPRINGS– Colorado Springs photographer Mandy Penn is making headlines after her “Friends” newborn photoshoot went viral.

She says the shoot, which happened before the ‘stay-at-home’ order, was a team effort, involving many newborn parents, props, backdrops, and people who were involved in the magnificent creation of mini ‘Central Perk.’

Mandy, a big fan of the show “Friends,” asked her real-life friend, Alli Coats, who’s also the mother of newborn twins, if she would like to have her daughters in the shoot.

A model call was sent out for the other ‘Friends’ and a cast was formed.

A couch – the iconic orange one from the show – was custom made by Designer and Entrepreneur Danielle Shunk to tie the vision together.

The highly detailed photos use props and outfits straight from the well-loved show.


The photos, posted on Facebook, have been shared more than 40,000 times and the story was featured on “Good Morning America.”

The shoot was done in the beginning of March and it’s super interesting because right after that, a few weeks later we had the stay at home order. It just comes at a time when – we’re all scared and in this place of uncertainty. This is just a glimpse of what life was – and what life will be after this pandemic is over.

Mandy Penn

Penn thanks her mentor, Melissa Stynski, who helped wrap the babies and pose them correctly – for the safety of the babies.

And she says she hopes to do more ‘tv show’ or celebrity-inspired shoots for newborns, as soon as the pandemic permits.

To contact Penn and more of her work, visit her photography website here.

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