COLORADO SPRINGS — If you’ve noticed a couple of acne spots after wearing your face mask, you’re not alone, it’s called ‘maskne’.

“We call it acne mechanica and so when the mask is in place, it’ll clog pores and keep oil, bacteria, and dirt in place and causing acne in return,” said Dr. Maria Sheron with Vanguard Skin Specialist.

Dr. Sheron says this type of breakout happens after wearing a mask and has seen it in clients, and even coworkers.

“Especially those folks that are in the medical profession or first-line providers that are wearing the occlusive N95 masks that are really tight around the face,” Dr. Sheron explained.

So what can be done?

Use a cleansing wipe throughout the day and a gentle cleanser at night with these two acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid and also limit the number of oils you put on your skin, including oily makeup.

“Certainly makeup designed for people on camera and on stage can be comedogenic, meaning clogging pores so mineral makeups can be better,” Dr. Sheron added.

Most importantly, take a deep breathe you are not alone.

“We know acne has a huge psychosocial impact on people. even for folks who have it for most of their life or experiencing it now, it can be stressful and stress doesn’t help,” said Dr. Sharon. “The biggest key is if home remedies aren’t helping contact your local dermatologist and there’s a couple of things we can do with that ‘maskne'”

For more information head to Vanguard Skin Specialist’s website.