COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs Council Member, Jill Gaebler, of District 5, is being scrutinized for a recent tweet.

Gaebler first retweeted an article from a newsletter, which had been published on the platform Substack. In it, a writer who identifies herself as “JL” questions the motives of the “Trans Agenda” and hypothesizes that the group is working to roll back the rights of cisgender women.

She used the hashtag “#BidenErasedWomen,” presumably in response to a recent executive order signed by President Joe Biden.

>>Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation

This particular post was published in Graham Linehan’s newsletter, “The Glinner Update.” Linehan, an Irish television writer, was recently criticized by publications in the UK for joining a women’s dating app, posing as a woman, and then publishing photos and personal information of unsuspecting women who use the app in earnest.

Inside Out Youth Services published its own reaction to Gaebler’s remarks in an open letter this week.

IOYS is a nonprofit offering multiple avenues of support to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,  questioning, queer, intersex, and a spectrum (LGBTQ+) youth from Southern Colorado,” according to its website.

In the letter, IOYS Executive Director Jessie Pocock, and Danette Pritch, a volunteer facilitator and transparent, wrote:

“Your statement is the definition of transphobic. Your statement legitimizes and publicizes a
climate of intolerance, dehumanization, othering, segregating, discriminating, and punishing
trans young people for wanting to breathe fully into their own lives just like any other person
would want for themselves and just like any parent would want for their child. Our young people are seeing you and hearing you. Your words hurt. We thought you were our ally.”


U.S. Army CPT Alivia Stehlik has been an advocate for transgender people in the military since 2017.

“It’s mostly disappointing. I have pretty high expectations of our public officials,” said CPT Stehlik. ” When I read that [tweet], it sounds a lot like separate but equal.”

She said words matter and she’s hoping this tweet opens lines of communication.

“[That conversation is] tricky and it’s going to be uncomfortable and that’s ok,” Stehlik said.

FOX21 News has reached out to Council Member Gaebler and the City of Colorado Springs for comment with no response.