Colorado Springs apartment complex evicted due to asbestos, residents upset over little notice

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COLORADO SPRINGS- An entire apartment complex in east Colorado Springs is kicking out their residents due to asbestos. Exposure to asbestos can cause several cancers and diseases, including mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Thrive at the Incline, formerly called Shannon Glen off North Murray Boulevard posted on 192 units around 9 p.m. Wednesday about their immediate eviction. Residents have only ten days to evacuate the premises and find a new home.

The apartment complex is offering a hotel room for a week and $200 to each resident for the inconvenience.

The complex also gave them a packet of information about other apartments the same company owns. If residents choose to find another apartment within the company they’ll just have to pay for the holding and application fee.

Residents also mentioned that the complex is offering them their December rent and their deposit back, however, they aren’t offering movers. Many residents wish the complex could have handled the situation better.

“It’s a really crappy situation and they could have handled it a little bit different like maybe knocking on the door instead of just taping it and running,” said resident MacKenzie Andrews. “I’d rather have bad information explained to me right there instead of having a giant line outside the apartment.”

Andrews is a student and has lived at the apartments for 4 months. She said while she lived there her building didn’t have hot water for a month.

“I was so upset yesterday, but I’m a pretty chill person I think, I’ve found a place and I’m going to be fine it just sucks,” Andrews added.

When she found out that it was asbestos, Andrews said, “maybe that’s why I’ve been sick for three months.” She also added that she just recently bought a new $3,000 bed.

“They never knocked on the door, dogs never heard them… they didn’t notify us at all, they just taped it on and walked away,” resident Kevin Hunter said.

Hunter who has lived at the apartment for 10 months and said usually the complex emails them on things going on but on this matter they didn’t.

“It’s really annoying, it’s been an ongoing battle with management here,” Hunter said. “This isn’t the first time, we’ve put in checks or money orders into the front office for rent and then get a notice on our door saying that we never paid rent and they didn’t have their records put together correctly so I’m not surprised at all that they didn’t put any effort to getting a hold of us.”

Hunter said since he works in construction he knows the rules with asbestos.

“If they did all this work to make this look pretty, then they should know the laws on what they are doing and make sure that everything is sanitary, correct,” Hunter explained. “You legally can do renovations with asbestos in the wall as long as you are doing everything properly and it makes me realize they didn’t do anything properly. They are trying to save a buck, do it cheaply, or free especially since as a construction worker and I do this for a living it really bugs the hell out of me.”

Hunter’s pregnant wife is in the Army and the Army is helping them find a new place to live. He said he has a way out thankfully but others might not be as fortunate.

“We are lucky, but I’m worried about everyone else here,” Hunter said. “There is nowhere to go, it’s a couple of weeks before Christmas and we are being told now you are homeless.”

He added that after he moves he plans to bring back his trailer to help others move too. Hunter said he’s been looking to buy a house for a while. He is also concerned in finding a quick solution because he has a pitbull which aren’t allowed at many apartments.

“So when we came here and they said yea we allow them that is a savior right there and then now all of a sudden back on the streets with the same pits and can’t go anywhere with them so it’s just frustrating that we are going to have deal with this.”

When FOX21 reached out to the apartment complex for a comment on the asbestos issue, they declined.

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