COLORADO SPRINGS— A Colorado-based company is giving businesses the option of no-touch technology while making check-in safer.

Greetly claims to be the first modern visitor management system to implement “no-touch” visitor check-in.

“We make it easy for visitors and employees to check in and out of a workplace anytime,” said Greetly founder Dave Milliken.

The software helps manage vendors, deliveries, tours, entries, and more while keeping the heart of office spaces healthy and touch-free.

“Coronavirus unfortunately has really sped up how to make the workplace safer, we are able to make sure there are fewer touch points and essential businesses can stay open,” said Milliken.

Milliken says the software has gone international since its April debut. He says it’s being used across six different continents and can have language settings changed.

“Before we used to have a touchpad,” said Wall Martin who bought Greetly for his business, Office Evolution. “It’s peace of mind.”

Greetly is offering a 14-day trial to learn more click here.